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How to Look After Your Dog with Joint Problems

How to Look After Your Dog with Joint Problems

Easy Way to Look After Your Dog with Joint Problems

As dogs get older, they start to experience joint aches and pains. Your dog that was once full of energy can barely run and play or move around much. This can be quite disheartening to witness.

Common signs of joint issues include:

  • Laying and sleeping around more than usual
  • Wincing when they’re petted especially around the joints
  • Being less playful
  • Unusual stretching
  • Wants to walk less and walk looks different

There is hope though. With a few changes in lifestyle, diet, and additional supplements such as products for joint pains like CBD dog peanut butter chews, your dog’s life can be so much easier and pain-free. Here are a few things you can do to care for your dog.

Purchase an Orthopedic Bed for Dogs

Your dog needs a comfortable bed to sleep in, and most importantly for one that suffers from joint problems. To ensure maximum comfort and safety, the bed must not be too high and it must have proper support. Get non-slip surfaces like mats surrounding the bed to avoid any slips/falls.

Getting down and climbing up a bed or couch is harder for dogs with joint issues, so, placing the bed on the ground allows for your dog to easily access it. Finding an orthopedic is the best way to ease their pain and make sure they’re well-rested.

Purchase Non-Slip Rugs 

Floors made of tile, marble, or wood will make your dog more prone to slipping and potentially injuring themselves. Seeing as your dog already has joint problems, they are not as stable on their feet, therefore, slipping is a real risk Orthopedic Bed for Dogs.

Non-slip rugs not only offer safety, but they also have padding that eases the strain on their hips and knees, thereby, improving mobility.

Good places to position the rugs are your home’s main passages/walkways, near the chairs, beds, and couches, this makes getting up and down easy, and places where water can spill like the kitchen and in front of the bathroom entrances.

Use a Harness

A harness will be super convenient if you need to lift your dog on the bed, couch, or a flight of stairs. This being said, if your house has stairs it’s best to block them off. Constantly supervising your dog is impossible, so, do this to avoid any risks of your dog falling down the stairs.


Glucosamine: It is a naturally occurring substance that supports joint health and has been used on all mammals. For dogs, it relieves occasional stiffness of the joints and supports the joint’s resiliency and the connecting tissues. It helps maintain joint fluid viscosity and has no side effects Orthopedic Bed for Dogs.

CBD: It is plant-based and 100% organic. It supports the joint’s connective tissues, maintains healthy cartilage and joint function, and overall, CBD enhances bone and joint health Orthopedic Bed for Dogs.

To conclude

Any health-related issue your dog faces has to be consulted first with a vet. Get their advice before giving them any herbal or nutritional supplements, especially if your dog is on any medication or has an existing health condition Orthopedic Bed for Dogs.

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Orthopedic Bed for Dogs

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