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9 Ultimate Tips to Attract Quality Tenants

9 Ultimate Tips to Attract Quality Tenants

Read about 9 Ultimate Tips to Attract Quality Tenants

Putting up rooms for rent can be a daunting task. As a landlord, a nice tenant is a blessing and can be hard to find. You might have quite a few concerns before choosing a tenant, such as their background, honesty, and financial status. No one would like to rent a room to a person who won’t pay rent. Additionally, when you rent out a house, there can be privacy and security concerns as well. Since these are all common concerns and everyone wishes for quality tenant applications, we’ve made your task easier than ever.

Here’s how you can find good tenants:

1. Set Criteria

Before you plan to rent a room in your property, you might take some time out to think about what sort of tenant you want. It would help you save time and effort of going through many applications to find the perfect tenant or shortlist a few potential tenants. You can add these criteria while posting a listing to attract quality tenants. Since many roommate finders show filtered listings, adding these filters to your listings would boost the rental ranking.

2. Frame a quality listing

Most tenants resort to online listings while looking for room rentals, and a well-framed listing would be adequate in terms of attracting quality tenants for your room rental. Describe the rental well, but keep it short and crisp. Make sure you mention the necessary details, such as the pet-friendliness of the rental and estimated rent.

3. Take photographs

Photographs play an essential role in a quality listing, and it’s been said that one can use one’s photography skills to attract quality content. If your property is sun-lit and well-ventilated, make sure the pictures reflect that. You could make a few changes to the decor to make the images look good. You could even use a few indoor plants to make the room rental look warm and welcoming in the pictures. Adding videos and virtuals would also help your cause.

4. Screen your tenants thoroughly

It would help if you screened the tenants thoroughly before renting them your property. There are a few methods you can use. You can take a quick interview on a call before you shortlist them and take an extended interview afterward. Make sure you have all the essential questions handy. You can even use the in-app messaging service that most roommate finders provide these days.

5. Maintain your rental regularly

If your rental is not occupied, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be taking care of it. A well-maintained rental has a higher value. You can also save yourself from any expensive repairs that you might have to get done before renting out the property. Regular maintenance won’t cost you much, and a monthly check on the rental until you find a tenant is adequate.

6. Do your research

Before putting up a listing or renting out your property, you might need to do some homework. You should know what sort of tenants might be interested in your property, given the neighborhood, rent, and amenities. You may also need to know the rental laws in your state and whether you are allowed to rent out a room in your home or not. These would save you from any trouble in the future. If it is your first time as a landlord, note that the landlord has a few rights, and you may want to look them up on the internet.

7. Be open to negotiation

Don’t make it too obvious but be open to negotiation. You may want the tenant to seal the deal at your desired rent, but being too rigid about it might make you lose a good tenant. Being open to negotiation would allow you to find a better tenant.

8. Arrange individual visits

Don’t conduct group home visits as potential tenants might not ask questions and negotiate openly. Having too many guests at home might not be safe, and it would also make your screening process challenging. Tenants might get competitive at times, and that may lead to an unpleasant situation.

9. Invest in Add-ons

Add-ons would never let you down as they add value to your rental. These might include a dishwasher, lighting, or extra storage space in the rental. A built-in wardrobe might also help to boost the rental value. Mentioning these add-ons in the rental listing will help you find quality tenants.


We know finding tenants/ roommates is a time-consuming task. You may use the in-built messaging service to communicate with potential tenants until you feel secure enough to share personal details. Follow these 9 simple tips that will help you save a lot of time and effort!


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