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5 Ways Experienced Marketers Make the Most of Their Customized Canopy Tents

5 Ways Experienced Marketers Make the Most of Their Customized Canopy Tents

Experienced Marketers Make the Most of Their Customized Canopy Tents

It’s hard to believe that pop-up canopy tents were “going out of fashion” until a few years ago. In the post-pandemic world, these tents are must-have marketing items for small businesses. Be it local restaurants or local service centers – these tents suit every need and space. More importantly, they are highly cost-effective marketing tools.

Top marketing experts say marketing will play a significantly bigger role for businesses and brands in the post-pandemic world. The pandemic proved that building up local communities of loyal customers is key for small-scale business success. A well-customized canopy tent can help businesses achieve marketing success because –

  • Size-Efficient: Small custom tents are not too big or small – they’re just the right size to encourage visitors to approach them.
  • Modest Marketing:Bigger tents may give the impression that the brand’s products/services are too expensive. Smaller tents appear much friendlier and more modest to visitors.
  • Space-Efficient:These tents comply with space-related restrictions at exhibition spaces, events, or tradeshows.
  • Social-Distancing Friendly:A high-quality canopy tent will cover a maximum area of 100 square feet or less. Hence, only a limited number of people at exhibitions or tradeshows can enter these tents. Marketers can tend to all target customers or visitors without endangering their social distancing practices.
  • Easily Available: Top providers of customized canopies can time-efficiently print and deliver everything marketers want on the canopy fabric. They can finalize large orders within days, giving marketers plenty of time to plan their campaigns.

How do marketers use these qualities of custom canopies to their advantage? Here are five smart marketing techniques you can execute by using these tents at commercial or non-commercial events –

  1. Tail Major Local Events: From major local sports events to political rallies to concerts – small businesses can tail local community events with these tents. Show up at those events with your customized canopy tent. Use this clever marketing tactic to generate brand awareness.
  2. Host Store Openings: Want to host a low-cost grand opening? A custom canopy tent won’t cost you much. But it will allow new customers to familiarize themselves with the new store or brand. Customized tents with brand logos, messages, etc., never fail to make impressions on grand opening days.
  3. Make Dynamic Promotional Statements at Trade Shows:While many businesses attend trade shows, very few stand out from the crowd. With a well-designed canopy tent, you can help your brand reach wider audiences. Make hundreds of potential clients see your brand logo and learn about your offerings.
  4. Host Small-Scale Events:Although business anniversaries are important events, most companies currently don’t have the budget to spend such events. Don’t worry! Custom tents cost very little. With the right customizations, you can make your employees, customers, etc., feel duly appreciated.
  5. Host One-on-One Conversations with Customers:Many marketers will use the spaces inside these tents to hold one-on-one conversations with target customers. This practice is especially common in family-friendly trade shows. Give first-hand demonstrations of products or services to target clients.

Ready to use your customized canopy tent for cost-effective brand promotions? Follow the strategies of these experienced marketers!

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