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Easy Recipes for DIY CBD Gummies

Easy Recipes for DIY CBD Gummies

Home Made Easy Recipes for DIY CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies Recipe

DIY CBD Gummies

CBD edibles became a major hit when they appeared on the market. These products were an excellent alternative to oils and tinctures that have a bitter taste and not-so-pleasant smell. Gummies infused with CBD are currently the most sought-after hemp goods, but that’s not for no reason.

Gummies offer convenience and discretion, which is not the case with oils, tinctures, and vape products. Also, they give you control over CBD intake as each gummy is pre-dosed with this compound. You know exactly how many you should take per day (see more info on dosage recommendations). Plus, you can take these goodies anywhere and store them for quite a long time.

Some people prefer homemade goods over store-bought ones because they have insight into the ingredients and know exactly how much CBD is in them. Since gummies are pretty easy to make, you can try this DIY kitchen venture as early as this weekend.

Quick Fruit Gummies

You usually don’t need more than half an hour to make gummies at home. This recipe is an exception because it will take you only a few minutes. You need CBD oil (choose a highly-potent product), corn syrup, gelatin, and juice of your choice. The heating of the ingredients is done in the microwave, so the preparation process is quick and easy.

Mix a cup of your flavored liquid (whenever you can, opt for fresh juice), two tablespoons of corn syrup, and four gelatin packets in a fireproof bowl. Stir everything well and place the mixture in a microwave for about 30 seconds. Remix everything and put it back for another 30 seconds.

You’ll have to repeat this process a few more times. You’ll know the mixture is ready when it’s thick and jelly-like. Let it cool a bit and pour in a required amount of CBD oil per serving multiplied with the number of slots in the mold. Mix everything for about a minute. Use a dropper or syringe and fill each slot to the top with this CBD-infused jelly.

Keep the mold in a fridge for an hour to let your gummies firm up. When they thicken, you can eat them right away or keep them in an air-tight jar in a cool, dry place. Always make small batches as homemade gummies can stay only two or three days at room temperature.

Pomegranate Jello Candy

CBD Gummies Recipe

This fairly simple recipe contains honey and unflavored gelatin, but you can also make a vegan variant with maple syrup and agar-agar. Besides, you need juice or tea infusion to taste and quality CBD oil or tincture. It should be broad or full-spectrum, depending on whether you want to use these edibles as a pain reliever or a mild sedative.

Pour one cup of juice into the saucepan and heat gently. Freshly squeezed fruit juice such as pomegranate, orange, or grapefruit is recommended. Any fruity or herbal liquid will work, except pineapple juice, as it won’t set properly. Once the liquid comes to a simmer, move it from the stove and let it cool for about a minute.

Then mix in two tablespoons of gelatin (or agar-agar) and two tablespoons of raw honey (or maple syrup). Stir all together for a few minutes. If bubbles appear, remove them with a spoon. After that, you have two options: to use a dropper (or syringe) or a pitcher to pour liquid into a silicone mold.

If using a pitcher, add a certain amount of CBD oil sufficient for the entire batch directly to the mixture. If you want more precise dosing and more potent gummies, use a dropper. So you will add a drop or two of CBD oil or tincture to each gummy individually. In any case, you have to let your gummies set for a few hours.

Gummies with Tea Infusion

If you want to make a twist on the DIY gummies, opt for tea infusion instead of juice. It will give these treats some herbal essence, which can make them even healthier. Try hibiscus, mint, rosehip, rosemary, etc. You can use tea bags, which is easier, or dried herbs that will give your gummies a beautiful taste almost like those seen on or similar web stores.

Make a strong tea of four to six tea bags per cup of water. After steeping, you need about three-quarters of the cup of the liquid. Pour it into the saucepan and add one teaspoon of refined sugar (or honey for a healthier variant), some lemon juice, and three teaspoons of powder made of dried fruit to the mixture. For example, hibiscus goes well with berries; mint and rosehip with citrus, etc.

Stir all the ingredients, and warm until it’s hot, but it shouldn’t boil. Remove the dish from the stove and add four tablespoons of gelatin powder to the mixture. Put the saucepan back on low heat and make sure there are no lumps and bubbles as they can ruin the gummies’ texture. Wait until the mixture cools down a bit and add a required CBD dose. Pour it into molds and let them thicken.

Branded gummies are great, but not all commercial products are good for you. The CBD market is still chaotic, so there can be fake, low-quality, and even dangerous hemp goods launched by phony manufacturers who just want to earn quick money and vanish. To avoid that risk, make your own gummies and enjoy the flavor and CBD potency of your choice.


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