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The Best Essentials of a Great Home Bar

The Best Essentials of a Great Home Bar

The Essentials of a Great Home Bar

Back when bars were open for business before the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us enjoyed craft cocktails and ice-cold beer in some cool places. However, as a result of the current situation, many of us have now had to take happy hour into our own hands. While it might be difficult to replicate the cool ambiance and vibe of your favorite watering hole, you can still create a great home bar.

No matter what kind of space you want to create, the most important factor to consider is your intended purpose for your bar. Why do you want a home bar? Most people either want a bar for themselves or they want a home bar to entertain. Your bar’s purpose will determine many aspects, including what alcohol to stock to the gear you get for the bar. If your bar is to entertain others, you must consider your guests when building and creating your space. If you are making a space that is more for you, you can fill it with your favorite whiskey and finishes. Let’s take a look at some essentials of a great home bar.

Stock your bar with the right gear.

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One important aspect of creating a cool home bar is to find the perfect gear and home bar essentials. From bar accessories and wine glasses to pint glasses and beer growlers, there are numerous things that you can include in your bar. Most people who enjoy a good cocktail or beer know that different glasses serve different purposes. You typically don’t drink beer out of a martini glass, and you probably don’t drink wine out of a beer mug. If your bar is going to entertain, you’ll want to get a variety of glassware and accessories to cater to the needs of all kinds of drinkers.

You can even go a step further and have your glassware personalized with the name and logo of your bar. This will help to create an atmosphere at your bar and replicate the authenticity of a real pub or speakeasy. From wine glasses to shakers, stirrers, and shot glasses, numerous items will set your home bar up to be the coolest place in the neighborhood.

Buy alcohol by the cocktail, not the spirit.

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Once you’ve got the right gear for your bar, the hardest part of creating your bar will be stocking it with the right alcohol. Before you rush off to the liquor store, you will need to consider what your bar will offer. If your home bar is just for you, all you will need is your favorite whiskey, best vodka brands, beer, or wine. If you want to shake and pour cocktails for your friends, you will want to shop for the cocktail and not necessarily for a bunch of different liquors.

It’s important to think about the drinks that you can make and want to serve. Rather than buying a bunch of bottles, think about the cocktails you can make with a few versatile spirits like vodka, gin, rum, or whiskey. From a Bloody Mary to gin and tonic, there are numerous cool cocktails that you can make and serve with a few liquors. Think about the drinks you want to make and then stock your bar accordingly.

Create the right ambiance.

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One thing that we missed about our favorite bars during the pandemic was the atmosphere. Aside from the best vodka drinks or selection of craft beers, our favorite spots also offer distinct character. When creating your bar, find some cool decorations and finishes that remind you of your favorite bar. From pictures to tap handles, several design elements will elevate the ambiance of your home bar.

Creating a home bar can be fun and provide you with a new spot for happy hour. There are several essentials to keep in mind, from the proper tools and glasses to the best vodkas and mixers. With some research and consideration, you can create the best home bar.

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