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Ultimate Guide To Cutting Tempered Glass

Ultimate Guide To Cutting Tempered Glass

Guide To Cutting Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a special glass for safety purposes. This type of glass doesn’t shatter to form shards after breaking. Glass shards are safety hazards since they cut when you touch or step on them barefoot. Fortunately, tempered glass is made to break into tiny pieces that are safer. Tempered glass is robust to resist breakage making it appropriate for use in various domestic and commercial applications. Additionally, tempered glass withstands impacts, blows, scratches, and extreme weather conditions.

Applications of tempered glass

In homes, tempered glass is for partitions, windows, and doors for their resistance to scratches. This glass defies regular wear and tear making it ideal for glass doors, tabletops, and display cabinets. It remains flawless and clear much longer compared to regular glass. The design versatility of tempered glass gives it a stylish innovative appeal for use in creatively unique applications.

Tempered glass comes in various patterns and designs to complement personal preferences and unique style easily. Making tempered glass involves making it withstand high temperatures making it ideal for use in bathroom designs where exposure to hot water won’t make any impact.

Cutting tempered glass

Regarding application, you have to cut tempered glass to match your needs. The process of cutting glass is somewhat tricky because of the particular distribution of pressure and breaking. However, you can shop glass cutting tools online for safe and easy cutting of tempered glass. The glass breaks into tiny pieces although it is very important to understand the proper cutting process and having the right tools.

There’s no need to reverse the tempering process before cutting tempered glass. This makes the glass annealed making it lose strength and safety properties. In fact, it becomes regular glass again. Then, you would rather buy regular glass for cutting into your desired shape than buying tempered glass and reversing it to normal before cutting. The rule of thumb is to invest in a quality glass cutting tool that will cut tempered glass in its present condition without altering its durability and strength.

Difference between tempered and regular glass

Tempered glass is also known as safety glass for being more durable and stronger compared to regular glass. Turning regular glass into tempered glass requires heating and cooling to enhance the internal stresses of the glass. This makes it stronger compared to regular glass and much safer. The safety feature of tempered glass results from the ability to hold stresses better making it remain in place when shattered. Tempered glass forms harmless shards when shattered, unlike regular glass.

Use of a cutting table for tempered glass

To cut tempered glass, you have to invest in a quality cutting table. Keep in mind that the market is full of various options for cutting tables. The ideal glass cutting table is safe for use and sturdy to allow comfortable working. Additionally, the table should have rulers on the edges for proper measurement to allow cutting to desired sizes. The best table cutter also comes with accessories and a mechanical guide for the safe cutting of glass

How to get a perfect cut

Invest in a comfortable cutter

Glass cutters come in various styles and designs. You have to do your homework to ensure that you invest in a cutter to give you a safe working experience 9. If you have any weakness or carpal tunnel arthritis affecting your eyes, the position of your hands and arms matter a lot when using the cutter.  Read reviews and testimonials to understand what other users are safe about that particular brand. You have a higher chance of getting a solid and accurate cut if your hands and wrist are comfortable.

Cut on the smooth side of the glass

Apart from color, glass comes with different textures. You have to pay special attention when cutting textured glass than regular glass. Consistent contact is necessary for the cutter to run smoothly across the glass. Even pressure is required to prevent the cutter from bouncing up and down. Equally important is to always cut the smoother side when handling the glass with heavy texture. This means cutting while the texture is facing the good side. Afterward, you just have to turn and work on the other side.

Stand when scoring

Gliding the cutter smoothly from one glass edge to the other requires solid-fluid movements. You can only achieve this when you work while standing. This allows moving your upper body smoothly. Working while standing allows free movement of the shoulder and arm for even pressure around curves.

Final thoughts

Depending on your requirements, you need glass that matches your desired size and shape. This is where the need for a glass cutting machine comes in. fortunately; you can find a quality store with glass cutters for various purposes to get the job done.


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Ultimate Guide To Cutting Tempered Glass


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