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What to do with old office chairs

What to do with old office chairs


As offices evolve and furniture trends change, you may find yourself with old office chairs that no longer serve their original purpose. Instead of disposing of them, why not explore creative and eco-friendly options for repurposing and recycling these chairs? In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on what to do with old office chairs, offering innovative ideas to breathe new life into them and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Donating to Charities

Consider donating your old office chairs to charities or nonprofit organizations. Many groups accept gently used furniture to support those in need.

DIY Chair Makeovers

Give your chairs a fresh look with simple DIY makeovers. Paint, reupholster, or replace parts to match your current decor.

Upcycling Projects

Turn old chairs into unique furniture pieces. Convert them into benches, shelves, or even bedside tables for a creative touch.

Transforming into Outdoor Seating

Repurpose chairs as outdoor seating. Add weather-resistant paint or cushions to create cozy spots for your garden or patio.

Creating Functional Storage

Convert chair seats into functional storage units. Attach baskets or compartments underneath to store items like shoes or magazines.

Office Chair Planters

Transform chair backs into planters. Fill them with soil and plants to create an eye-catching garden feature.

Recycling the Components

Disassemble chairs and recycle individual components like metal frames and plastic parts to reduce waste.

Crafting Art Pieces

Use chair parts for crafting projects. Incorporate chair legs, backs, or wheels into art pieces, sculptures, or decor.

Expert Tips for Repurposing

  • Quality Check: Ensure chairs are in good condition before repurposing them.
  • Safety First: If using chairs for seating, reinforce them to ensure stability.
  • Eco-Friendly Paints: Opt for eco-friendly paints and finishes for your DIY projects.


Can I donate chairs that are damaged?

Charities prefer chairs in good condition, but some may accept them for repair.

What types of DIY makeovers can I try?

You can repaint, reupholster, or change the chair’s hardware to give it a new look.

Are there online platforms for donating furniture?

Yes, many websites and apps connect donors with organizations in need of furniture.

Can I recycle old chair components myself?

Some components can be recycled at local recycling centers. Check guidelines in your area.

Are there any safety considerations for upcycling?

Ensure structural integrity and follow safety guidelines if repurposing for seating.

Can I use non-traditional materials for upcycling?

Absolutely! Upcycling encourages creativity, so feel free to experiment with unconventional materials.


Repurposing old office chairs is a rewarding way to give them a new purpose and contribute to a more sustainable world. From donating to charities and creative DIY makeovers to crafting unique art pieces, the possibilities are endless. By following expert tips and considering eco-friendly practices, you can enjoy the satisfaction of transforming old chairs into functional and decorative assets.

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