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What type of dart flights should i use?

What type of dart flights should i use?

Dart flights play a crucial role in the trajectory and stability of your darts during a game. Selecting the appropriate dart flights can greatly impact your accuracy and overall performance on the dartboard. In this article, we’ll delve into the different types of dart flights available and provide insights into choosing the best ones for your playing style.

Standard Dart Flights

Standard dart flights are the most commonly used type of flights. They offer a balanced and versatile option suitable for both beginners and experienced players. These flights provide a steady trajectory and are less affected by air resistance, making them ideal for those aiming for consistency in their throws.

Slim Dart Flights

Slim dart flights are designed for players who prefer a flatter trajectory and faster throws. These flights offer reduced air resistance, allowing the dart to cut through the air with greater speed. Slim flights are favored by players who use a more aggressive throwing style and seek a faster, more direct path to the target.

Kite Dart Flights

Kite dart flights are larger in size and offer increased stability in the air. They are particularly popular among players who prefer a slower and more controlled throw. The unique shape of kite flights provides added lift, making them a suitable choice for players who want their darts to remain in the air longer.

Vortex Dart Flights

Vortex dart flights feature a distinctive spiral shape near the center, which is designed to minimize air resistance and enhance the dart’s stability during flight. These flights are favored by players who aim for tight groupings and consistent accuracy. The vortex design helps the dart maintain a steady and predictable path.

Pear Dart Flights

Pear dart flights are wider at the base and narrower at the tip, resembling a pear shape. This design offers a compromise between the stability of standard flights and the reduced air resistance of slim flights. Pear flights are versatile and cater to players who want a balanced throw with a slight increase in speed.


Selecting the right dart flights is essential for optimizing your performance on the dartboard. Consider your throwing style, preferred trajectory, and level of experience when choosing the type of flights that best suit you. Whether you opt for standard, slim, kite, vortex, or pear flights, each type has its own advantages and can significantly impact your accuracy and overall gameplay.

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