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Bet on volleyball and win with Parimatch

Bet on volleyball and win with Parimatch

Volleyball is in great demand in terms of the number and frequency of sports betting. This is a team sport, the essence of which is to throw the ball over the net, scoring points for opponents. Volleyball has a long history of development, now it is available in the usual version (in the hall) and beach. A feature of the game of volleyball is that, in principle, it is not limited in time. The winner in volleyball is determined by the fact that he wins three sets in which he scores 25 points. This sport has a lot of gaming nuances that affect the possible bets of players.

cyprus bet online, Bet on volleyball

Cyprus bet online, Bet on volleyball

On the Parimatch website, which is one of the most popular modern bookmakers, volleyball is at the TOP of popular sports. It is divided into men’s, women’s, and beach, and therefore each of them has its audience of fans. For a Parimatch user to profitably bet on volleyball, he needs to know the basic rules of this sport. In this case, cyprus bet online will not only bring possible payouts but will also turn out to be an interesting activity.

Types of bets on volleyball

For bets on volleyball to bring real winnings, the player must be aware of their varieties and features. On the Parimatch website, you can bet on:

  • result;
  • handicap;
  • total;
  • live.

A bet on the result assumes that the participant predicts the victory of one of the teams. He can do this based on the previous games of athletes, their statistics, and physical fitness. But since volleyball is a game unlimited in time and points, it is difficult to bet on a specific result of the entire match. In this case, it is better to use a bet on a separate set.

A handicap is a type of bet that predicts the winner by guessing the approximate number of points between him and the loser. The participant himself chooses the number of points. You need to specify a number, and its value, and all the above indicators will be a possible difference for the handicap.

cyprus bet online, Bet on volleyball

Cyprus bet online

The bet on the total in volleyball is considered one of the most frequent and profitable. The player chooses the number of points with which the team will complete the entire match or a separate set. If this number matches the real number in the game, then the participant wins. The total is calculated necessarily taking into account the condition of the athletes in the team, their previous successes, statistical data, etc.

In Parimatch, players practice betting on volleyball in real time. This is a betting method that is already made during the event. The game is in progress, and intermediate results of players and teams are visible, which you can already try to bet on. As a rule, the odds in live betting are always lower due to the more visible predictions of the winners.

Volleyball betting strategies

Volleyball is an interesting, but very difficult sport, so only connoisseurs and those who are interested in it can bet on it. To profitably place bets, you must first familiarize yourself with the basic rules of volleyball. You also need to consider the basic betting strategies that allow you to win more often.

The first strategy is to bet on the favorite. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. If the user is new to the field of betting and is not completely versed in them, then he can look through the list of teams and decide on the one you need by its coefficient. Usually, the odds for the favorites range from 1.01 to 1.4.

The second frequently used strategy is corridors. Such a bet provides a corridor of points for the difference between the teams. Often this is practiced in games where teams are equivalent and there is no exact understanding of which of them will win here and now.

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