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Different ways to win in slot machines: Megaways, fixed paylines and ways to win

Different ways to win in slot machines: Megaways, fixed paylines and ways to win

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Different ways to win in slot machines: Megaways, fixed paylines and ways to win

The slots have come a long time way since their inception in the right 1800s. Now we have different kinds of variants to choose from. These can range from the traditional one-armed bandits to the futuristic looking hulking slot machines. Another aspect in which the slots differ from each other is the way these machines produce their payouts. It is essential to understand how these machines work and what types of slot machines tend to produce their winning combinations – try also Bonanza Megaways.

We can divide these slots into three different categories; Landlines, Megaways and ways to win slots. Let’s take a look at how these categories work and how they differ from each other.

Landline Slots

As the name suggests, fixed line slots have a fixed number of paylines, usually between 25 and 100. These machines produce a winning combination whenever a combination of three or more symbols lands on one of the active paylines. The bets on these slots are split equally on each active line. For example, if you are playing a slot machine with 10 fixed lines and your bets are adjusted to €1 per line, your total bet will be €10; €1 per line.
Slot machines come in all sizes and themes. If you look, you can easily find a slot offering as many as 200 landlines with hundreds of different themes to choose from.

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Megaways slots

The number of paylines is one of the first aspects players check when selecting a slot machine. But what if we told you that there is a slot machine with over a hundred thousand active paylines? Will you be intrigued? The answer is of course yes. Any slot player must be fascinated by the fact that a slot can offer over a hundred thousand ways to form a winning combination. So let’s introduce you to the Megaways slots. A slot variant developed by Big Time Gaming. These machines feature a reel customization system that changes the number of reels, symbols and paylines for each spin.

Unlike the usual slots, which have a minimum number of specific paylines, Megaways Slots have an alternating reel system that changes the symbols of the reels on every spin, multiplying the ways to win by thousands. This way you never know how many paylines you can get on your next spin as it could be 10 or 100,000.
Megaways Slots usually have 6 reels and present between 2 and 8 symbols per reel in regards to their physical features. As for the theme, as with traditional slots, you can find endless interesting games: in movies, series, your favorite characters.

Ways to win slot machines

Finally, we have the ways to win slots that all eliminate the concept of paylines. Simply put, ways to win are slots that do not have a set of predetermined paylines. Instead, the payouts are rewarded for three or more symbols that land on the adjacent reels.

The pattern of the combination doesn’t matter here as all symbols act as scatters meaning they can produce a winning combination regardless of their position on the reels.

The only requirement here is that the all symbols must be on the adjacent reels. In addition, the bets here are placed per spin rather than per line as with the landline. So you don’t have to pay for all the ways you can score a winning combination.

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