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Features of Legalisation of Online Casinos in 2022

Features of Legalisation of Online Casinos in 2022

Features of Legalisation of Online Casinos in 2022

Online casinos have been around for almost three decades already, but they never were as relevant today. We’re talking about a market as big as
USD 72.2 billion, only last year. Projections point out that the online casinos market size will expand to USD 119.09 billion. 

Online gambling is still forbidden in many countries. Yet, more countries are talking about the legalisation of online casino platforms. Follow Nina Olsenberg, our guest specialist, on his topic. Here’s what we can expect for this year.

A Whole Lot of Laws

Gambling laws can vary widely, even between countries where the activity is allowed. Some states in the United States allow in-person betting, but not online gambling. In Norway, only online casinos provided by Norsk Tipping are allowed. Players can also resort to the beste betting sider for sports betting. In Switzerland, online casinos are only allowed if partnered up with one of the country’s land-based venues. 

It goes to say that there’s no such a thing as an “international law” on the issue. Laws are developed and changed locally, according to many factors. Access to technology, a well-developed banking system, and the percentage of gamblers are a few factors that make online casinos viable and desirable in many countries. In most cases, the prospect revenue for taxation on operators and gamblers is enough to convince lawmakers. 

Take a quick look at what online games in 2022 will look like worldwide. 


Almost every European country has fully legalised gambling already. The very few exceptions include Cyprus and Poland. The Cypriot government only allows in-person gambling. Gamblers can play slots machines, and at Melco Cyprus Resort, the only land-based casino allowed to operate. 

The activity is also frowned upon in Poland, unlike most neighbours. The activity is under the government’s monopoly, and offshore gambling is unregulated. The country has been trying to catch up with EU principles since 2009, with the Act on Gambling. 


Kazakhstan, the Philippines and Japan allow all their residents to gamble on the internet. India is one of the countries with the most online gamblers in the region. Yet, gambling is allowed only in a handful of states there. Countries like Singapore, Thailand, China, and Macao, allow it, with local restrictions. Indonesia, Bangladesh, and the United Arab Emirates prohibit gambling altogether in their territories. 

Australia and New Zealand

Both countries represent the largest market in the continent. Although a few details can change between states, online gambling is allowed in Australia. New Zealand prohibits offshore online gambling but regulates local websites. 


Online casinos are mainly unregulated in Africa and banned in many of them. Still, online casinos are immensely popular in many other countries, like South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya. However, more countries are becoming more gamble-friendly and relaxing their laws. These include Algeria, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, and Morocco. 

The Americas

The United States has the most gamblers in all Americas, hands down. Indeed, it corresponds to 70% of the Americas’ player base. However, not every state allows this modality, which also happens in Canada. Online gambling is mostly permitted in Central America, Cuba being one of the few exceptions. South American countries aren’t so friendly, and only a few countries have legalised it.

Among them, there’s Argentina, Uruguay, and Panama. Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil have banned land-based casinos but haven’t yet regulated online gambling. In Brazil, a law about the issue is currently debated in Congress. 

The Future

Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar market, which is set to grow even further in the next few years. It means more players and more platforms, ready to get the chips as soon as they can. More liberal laws are being pushed forward in many countries where gambling used to be prohibited. However, remember to check your local legislation to ensure you aren’t in breach of any law.

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Legalisation of Online Casinos

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