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Some Basic Online Casino Language That You Need to Know

Some Basic Online Casino Language That You Need to Know

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Playing online games has become one of the biggest hobbies of all time. Currently, the fastest-growing gaming sector is the online casino. Although the games are all generally well-known, there is some sector-specific knowledge and terminology that can be off-putting and confusing. Thus, if you are going to spend any time in the online casino and look to this as a pastime or hobby, you will need to be well informed. This article looks at the most important terms that you need to know in this regard.

RTP (Return to Player)

This is measured as a percentage (%) and is generally presented over 10,000 to 100,000 game plays. It is not the rate at which you will win if you play the game, but instead, what the returns have been over the longer term. You need to keep this in mind when you choose a game to play based on the RTP. The term is also meant to include the amount the player deposits and uses in the game as part of the calculation and, therefore, it is about the numbers, and the more you play and the longer you play, the more likely a win will occur. However, because the payouts are random, wins can happen in quicker succession, which will then require a lengthier time without a win, wherein the machine recoups this. Don’t be confused – the RTP does not mean that you will recoup this percentage of your spending.


This is how likely an event or result is to occur and is presented as a ratio. The lower the odds, the more likely the event is to happen or the specific outcome to occur. Conversely, the higher the odds, the more unlikely the event is to happen. The returns on your bet or the money that you place on the game are then commensurate with these odds. So, the higher the odds, the more you will get in return, as there is less chance of a win. Any sports or horse betting will require you to know and understand the odds as well as the returns.

No Deposit or Free Bonusses

The no deposit or free bonus is one where the player does not have to pay anything to receive a bonus. The top online casinos around the world offer these and a great example is the free casino bonuses South Africa where the recipient only has to register to receive the bonuses of free spins or free play, and there is no additional charge to play. There may, however, still be some wagering restrictions.

Wagering Requirements

Welcome bonuses and promotions often offer free spins or games and these generally come with a range of wagering requirements, which determine how much you can win. Wagering requirements will also state whether you need to do anything to achieve and remove your winnings gained from any free spins.

Betting Limit

The betting limit is the total of the highest amount that you can bet in the game, a spin on the slot machines, or a specific round of cards. This will be stated from the outset and generally, each table game will have its own betting limit. It’s important to know and understand the bet limit as it is possible to press ‘maximum bet’ in error and then inadvertently spend too much of your bankroll in one press or tap of the screen. The bet limit is also something that is controlled by each US State, so depending on where you play, the betting limits may vary considerably.

This casino terminology will be vital if you are going to have fun in an online casino. Unless you fully understand the rules and the language of the game, you are unlikely to win or for that matter have much fun or enjoyment.

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