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Certo Detox – Everything You Need to Know About This Method

Certo Detox – Everything You Need to Know About This Method

Certo Detox Method

Certo Detox Method

How to pass a drug test is a question that a surprising number of people find themselves looking up. Whether you take CBD supplements with breakfast or enjoy chilling on the occasional Friday night with a joint, the topic of drug testing is probably something you have thought about more times than you would like.

It is unfortunate that random workplace drug testing has become the norm for a large proportion of the USA population. The constant fear of a surprise drug test on a Monday morning has left many people fearing the idea of taking anything that could be flagged on a test, even herbal supplements.

The ever-growing fear of workplace drug testing has resulted in a new market for detox programs that can help you clear your system out in time for testing.

Certo Detox is one of the latest detox methods to have caught people’s attention. So, what is the Certo drug test detox, and does it work?

What Is the Certo Detox Method?

Certo is a naturally occurring polysaccharide fruit pectin and is most commonly used by people for making jellies and jams. Certo is derived from the skins of certain fruits, including lemons and apples, and acts as a natural thickener in foods. Certo is frequently used in vegan gummies as a replacement for gelatin.

Certo is more than just a natural thickening agent, though, and can be used for a range of different purposes.

Polysaccharides comprise of long-chain monosaccharides, which are highly soluble digestive fibers. For this reason, Certo is good at flushing your system, increasing the rate at which ingested matter passes through the body and is excreted.

Certo is therefore often used as a natural detox helping everything to pass through the body quickly and preventing it from appearing on tests.

How Does Certo Work?

Fiber is a vital part of any diet and helps the body process ingested matter and ensure that it can pass through the body and be excreted. Certo is particularly effective in a situation when you need to pass matter through the body at a faster rate than would usually be desired.

When Certo comes into contact with water, the two bind together into a gel. When this process takes place in the stomach, Certo can cling to excess waste resulting in it being excreted from the body much quicker.

Why Is Certo Used for Drug Test Detoxing?

Most drug tests are conducted using a urine sample as this is the primary way drug metabolites leave the body. Certo is used to alter the processes that are taking place in the body and remove as much THC from the body before testing.

This is because, after all of the THC that the body can efficiently utilize gets used up, the remainder is stored in the fat cells throughout the body. Over time, the THC in these fat cells begin to break down, releasing metabolites that make their way to the liver and eventually out of the body through elimination in feces and urine.

The idea behind Certo is that it helps slow down or stop the body’s release of these betraying metabolites while also ensuring that any remaining metabolites within the system are quickly removed before a person can be drug tested.

Firstly, Certo halts the release of metabolites, ensuring that no more traces of THC are released into the body.

Secondly, Certo deactivates the bile’s ability to hold onto other water-soluble substances, like the metabolites released from the body’s fat cells.

When combined, Certo is able to not only stop trace amounts of THC from being released in your body that could be detectable in a test, but it should also be able to help ensure that any remaining traces are removed quickly and efficiently.

How to Use Certo

Certo detox products have a clear list of instructions to help customers achieve the best possible results. So, what exactly do you need to do?

Step 1: The night before a drug test, take one packet of Certo along with an energy sports drink.

Step 2: On the test day, make sure to drink at least 32 ounces of water four hours before the actual test.

Step 3: This is the all-important last step that should be completed somewhere between one and two hours before testing. Mix one packet of Certo with 32 ounces of energy drink, 5 grams of creatine, and a B2 vitamin-rich multivitamin with a glass of water.

After completing these simple steps, you have roughly three to four hours to take a drug test before the effects of the method start to fade and must be repeated to pass a drug test.

Is Certo Guaranteed to Help You Pass a Drug Test?

Certo is not able to guarantee the passing of a drug test. No methods or products can 100% guarantee this, no matter how good the marketing team may be.

Many people have used Certo and claim it worked for them, which is excellent. But, if your job or anything else relies on you passing a drug test, the only real way to pass with flying colors is to abstain from drugs and clear your system out the natural way with time.

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