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How To Know if the Weed Is Old and How To Avoid the Weed From Going Stale

How To Know if the Weed Is Old and How To Avoid the Weed From Going Stale

How To Know if the Weed Is Old and How To Avoid the Weed From Going Stale

When you’re looking to have a good stoning session, having good-quality marijuana on hand is crucial. However, if you’re not a regular weed user or don’t know what to look for when buying, you might be disappointed by the effects.

While you might be doing everything right, your marijuana might be the source of the problem. If you’re wondering, can weed get old and how you should avoid it from happening, keep reading.

How to Know If Weed Is Old

Whether you’ve found a stash of missing weed or are looking around in a store to buy, you should know its age. While marijuana doesn’t really ever go bad, it can lose its potency and effects the longer it’s been stored.

So, smoking old cannabis isn’t harmful to anyone, but it won’t give you the effects you were probably looking for. An excellent way to tell if your weed is going old is to smell it. Fresh weed smells potent, while stale weed doesn’t smell as strong. If you spot a fuzzy white powder growing on it, your marijuana is getting moldy, in which case you shouldn’t smoke it.

How to Prevent Weed From Going Stale

When you’re looking to prevent your weed from going stale, you can do a few things to make it last longer. While cannabis will eventually go stale, you can try to keep yours as fresh as possible for longer. Weed breaks down with oxidation, so you have to limit contact with oxygen or water as much as possible.

Storing weed in an airtight container is crucial when you want to retain its freshness. To keep it fresh, you should refrain from opening it often (unless you’re planning on using it). Ensure that the storage container you are using is airtight and has rubber seals. Keep it away from sunlight.

What To Keep In Mind

Poor quality or stale weed won’t harm you, but it definitely can be a letdown. You can also determine whether your weed has gone stale by the taste. You will still taste weed but without any minor notes of other flavors. The smell also won’t be strong enough while inhaling.

Ensure that you’re constantly checking your weed for any signs of mold, as smoking it with mold can harm your health. If you’re unsure whether your weed has mold on it, it might be a good idea to ask someone experienced.

Having The Right Accessories

Storing weed shouldn’t be a big concern when you have the proper storage containers. It is a good idea not to rely on plastic bags and containers. For the best results, you should use glass jars with airtight seals.

Glass won’t mess with the weed’s terpenes or cannabinoids, which will ensure that you can get the most effects.


Many people think, can weed get old? But knowing the answer is not enough; taking action to prevent it from happening is crucial.

Keep these things in mind and store your cannabis the right way to keep weed fresh for longer and get the maximum effect each time.

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