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What CBD Products Are Available for Pets?

What CBD Products Are Available for Pets?

CBD for dogs
CBD for dogs

CBD for dogs

Over the last decade, CBD products have been one of the most talked-about topics within the health, fitness, and natural wellness communities. A growing number of people are turning away from pharmaceutical supplements, instead looking to natural alternatives.

However, many people are unaware that they are not the only ones that can benefit from CBD. Many household pets, including cats and dogs, can also take CBD supplements and experience similar benefits to humans.

There is a growing demand from pet owners for CBD products designed specifically for pets. Many popular brands, like Premium Jane, have started to release CBD for dogs and CBD for cats offering owners a way to manage their pet’s health in a completely natural way.

One of the things that people often love about CBD supplements is the sheer variety of ways that they can be used and incorporated into everyday life. CBD brands have also aimed to do this for their pet-friendly CBD ranges.

Here are some of the best popular CBD products available for pets and the best ways to use them.

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures are probably one of the simplest ways to use CBD both for humans and pets. At their most basic, CBD oils can be made from just two ingredients (CBD extract and a carrier oil), resulting in a very neutral tasting product that can be used in many different ways.

While unflavored CBD oils can be great for adding to food or taking alongside a meal, many people do not enjoy the earthy taste. Natural or artificial flavorings are typically added to give them a more enjoyable flavor profile.

The majority of pet-friendly CBD oils are also flavored to help make them more palatable for pets. Flavorings that replicate foods that pets usually enjoy are used, such as bacon or peanut butter in CBD for dogs and fish or chicken for cat oils.

There are several ways CBD oils can be given to pets, and the best option will depend on the pet in question.

Pets that are being given CBD as a general supplement will typically only require one dose per day, and this can easily be mixed into their food. Alternatively, when using CBD to manage a particular condition, you can administer it multiple times per day in the form of drops.

CBD Treats

Another excellent way to give pets CBD is as a treat or a reward during training. One of the main advantages of CBD pet treats is that they make it something pets enjoy; they may even work for them.

CBD treats can also be a lot easier for pet owners as they contain a predetermined dosage and require minimal effort. Having such a convenient way of giving pets CBD makes it easy to ensure that a dosage is accurate so your pets experience the best possible effects.

CBD Creams

Pet-friendly CBD creams can be a valuable way of managing skin and fur irritations that pets often suffer with. Unlike many other CBD products, creams can only affect the area to which they are applied. Creams can therefore be used to treat particular areas of the body while leaving everything else unaffected.

CBD creams are not the only topicals that are available for pets. Another option is to use CBD shampoos that can be used when washing dogs to help alleviate irritations or reduce the levels of pain that are felt around joints.

Choosing the Right CBD Products for Pets

It is not always straightforward to choose the best CBD products for pets as there is no way of knowing what they will respond well to and which products they will shy away from. It is usually a good idea to discuss the topic of CBD with a vet as they will be able to give personalized advice as to what is likely to work for a particular purpose or animal.

Some pet owners find that their pets respond well to products such as CBD pet treats and flavored oils. In contrast, other pet owners notice that their pets tend to prefer being given CBD in a way that is not so obvious, for example, unflavoured oil drops being added to meals.

It is important to remember that, just like humans, every pet is different, and what one animal enjoys and finds to be effective will not be the same for another. It can sometimes be worth trying several different products before settling on the best way to give your pets CBD.

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