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Condom Definition Simple 100%

Condom Definition Simple 100%

Condom Definition Simple 100%

Condom Definition With Usage

Condom Definition: A condom is a basically sheath of thin and elastic rubber that is used during sexual intercourse. It is worn over the penis by men and is used to prevent pregnancy and the development of sexually transmitted diseases. Other terms for prevention using of condoms are rubber and prophylactic. A condom completely prevents the man’s sperm from entering a women’s vagina or the reproductive organ of a sexual partner.

Condom Definition: Discovered about condom evidence shows her that since 150 AD Egyptians have been using condoms for contraception or ritual purposes. A published all description of a using condom was found in Italy in the 1500s. Soaking the cloth in a certain chemical solution and drying the cloth before use has proven to be effective against syphilis.

In 1855 a man named Charles Goodyear produced the first time condom made of rubber. These rather thick devices was good and were reusable but expensive. Thinner condoms were not used or  developed in Germany until 1912.

Condom Definition: The male condom is completely worn around the penis while the penis is in an very excited state, which means that it is upright. It comes all rolled in a different small flat package. Before you apply it on your penis, a small space must remain at the tip of the condom to allow room for all collecting sperm.

After ejaculation, the penis must be pulled out of the vagina before softening to prevent sperm from accidentally entering the vagina. A used condom get expire and must be properly disposed of after sexual intercourse and may only be used once.

A person, female or male, easily can develop allergies to latex, the material from which different condoms are made. The penis or vagina both can also be very irritated by lubricants used in some condoms.

Condom Definition – A contraceptive

Birth control actual means a process that helps both men and women to fight unwanted pregnancy. You can easily prevent pregnancy with the help of a condom. When using a condom, remember one this thing that it is used must accurately and correctly according to the printed instructions on the product.

Although there are different ways of birth control. Some types of processes cannot help to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Condom is one thing that can prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). (Post: Condom Definition)

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Condom Definition: There are two types of using condoms on the market, such as the male condom and the female condom. The male condom is supplied with rubber condoms. It is thin in texture that is made from various materials such as plastic, animal membrane and latex. This condom is all rolled over a stiff penis.

It acts as a whole cover for men’s sperm, which protects men’s sperm, and it cannot pass through the sperm fluid and protect it from penetrating a woman’s vagina. (Post: Condom Definition)

condom definition: Basically, condom is made with one specific type of rubber named latex. Latex condom is very effective in nature and help prevent STDs. These days these products are made of polyurethane. This types of condom is more expensive than latex condom. This is ideal or suitable for people who are allergic to latex. Natural condoms are known.

Condom Definition: It is made with animal membranes (lambskin). These types of condoms are qualitatively good, very useful and effective in nature. It protects against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It is more expensive than the normal condom.

Some basic issues need to be kept in mind when buying a condom:

Condoms have different characteristics. Different types of sizes, materials and shapes. The basic characteristics below should be kept in mind when purchasing this type of product.

Size: The standard size fits well with most men. Extra large condoms are available in tight sizes that are slightly smaller and tighter than the standard size.

Shape: some condoms available with a nipple pattern on the end to carry the fluid when the man ejaculates. Others come in a all rounded shape at the end.

Thickness: this factor is very much important when you have sexual intercourse. Condom with more strength is found on the market for a long time. Thickness can prevent more fracture problems and is ideal for rectal sex. Thin texture is obvious ideal for people who want to enjoy natural feeling.

Lubrication: Lubrication can kill the sperm and bacteria in the fluid. It can provide some more protection to prevent unwanted pregnancy, especially if the condom get breaks. Lubricated condom has a bad taste and are not recommended for oral sex.

Flavored: these condom is made for men and suggest to easily wear with oral sex. These are not flavored or lubricated and have a mild taste (usually mint). Color: Condoms come in many colors. The colored is less effective.

When should it use: condom definition

A man must wear it at any time when he inserts his penis into the vagina of the female. It helps to prevent the sexually transmitted disease. Men are very much infected with STDs when they often take oral sex, so a condom must be worn at that time. The condom must be right worn before there is contact and must be all removed and properly disposed of after the man has had an orgasm. (Post: Condom Definition)

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