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Know About Easter Meaning – Colorful Eggs – Hot Cross Buns

Know About Easter Meaning – Colorful Eggs – Hot Cross Buns

Know About Easter Meaning – Colorful Eggs – Hot Cross Buns

What is “Easter Meaning”

Easter meaning: Easter is one of the most important, famous, celebrated and holiest of all festivals on the Christian calendar. It is a celebration of death and of being born again while Christians celebrate the crucifixion and then rise from the death of Jesus Christ.

Today, Easter is celebrated with a church service on Good Friday and the giving of small Easter gifts on Sundays.

Table of Content

As with many other Christian celebrations, many of our Easter symbols and traditions today have their roots in paganism. When the emperor Constantine of Rome converted to Christianity and decided that it was the only religion of the empire, the Christian religious leaders integrated many of the pagan rituals that were at the time with those of Christianity.

However, just like any other vacation, it’s important to sit down and plan all your ingredients before you visit the stores. You may also be planning to buy a lot of some “Easter” goodies and gifts for your family – but don’t worry, the stores won’t be too busy like Christmas. As you know, Easter is not as big as Christmas or commercialized, so the crowds just aren’t there. However, this does not mean that you can leave it up to the last minute to plan.

The Holy Land

Thousands of pilgrims also travel to the Holy Land from all over the world to celebrate Easter. They gather for an Easter attendance in the grave of the garden in Jerusalem and participate in one of the many processions that take the route of the journey of Jesus Christ to Calvary, also called the “Twelve Stations of the Cross.”

Come with me while I take a look at some of the most common Easter symbols and traditions and how they came about.

1. The word “Easter” @ “easter meaning”

It is said that the word Easter comes from the name of a beautiful pagan goddess of spring, Eostre. Eostre was honored during the spring equinox, the time when we now celebrate Easter.

2. “Easter” egg – “Easter Meaning”

Over the centuries the egg has been considered as the ultimate symbol of rebirth and new life. In all cultures throughout the centuries, the egg has symbolized the beginning of everything, especially new life.

For Christians, it symbolizes the death and rebirth of Christ, but more so, it also celebrates their new life in Christ when they become Christians.

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3. “Easter” Bunny = “Easter Meaning”

The Easter Bunny is actually an Easter Bunny. Hares have long symbolized the moon and it is the first full moon after the spring equinox that sets the date of Easter every year. The hare is a nocturnal creature that appears with the moon at night and was thought to have neither blinked nor closed its eyes.

“Easter meaning: According to legend, the Easter Bunny was originally a large beautiful bird that belonged to Eostre. One day she chose wishfully to transform her bird into a hare. Because the “Easter” Bunny still thinks he is a bird, he continues to fill nests with eggs which he then leaves in our gardens for children to find at Easter.”

4. Hot Cross Buns – “Easter Meaning”

One of the oldest and tastiest traditions of Good Friday is eating warm cross buns. These spicy sandwiches, marked with a white cross, are said to have originated in pagan times. The early Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians marked their bread with symbols that honored their gods and goddesses.

5. The habit of eating warm cross buns “Easter Meaning”

Some believed that a warm cross bread that was kept from one Good Friday to the next would bring happiness to the household, while others believed that hanging a warm cross bread over the fireplace made all the bread baked there perfect. Still, others believed strongly that eating some hot cross buns on Good Friday that protected the whole family and the house from any type of fire. (Post: Easter Meaning)

6. Shop ahead + “Easter Meaning”

#easter meaning: When planning your awesome Easter, there is no such exact thing as being over-prepared. If you leave your groceries until the last minute, you are bound to forget things or stay behind with the sediment on the islands. To prevent this, you want to make a list of all the things you need & refer to it often. If you can do this successfully, you will not only get what you need on time, but you can also keep to your budget. Armed with your list you leave the stores with only what you need and not many impulse purchases that will kill your budget.

It is a pity that you cannot buy your Easter meals 12 months in advance, but what prevents you from entering Easter decorations or Easter art for next year. We all know that “Easter” decorations and the like will be so much cheaper a week or two after Easter. This means that you can get all new decorations and Easter art and crafts at a great discount on the price and be 100% prepared for Easter 2020$. But remember people, just because what Easter decorations are are cheap – doesn’t mean you have they all needed. (Post: “Easter Meaning”)

Christ’s Cross Easter Meaning

Every year, on Good Friday, the bells of every Christian church around the world begin to ring slowly, mourning the death of Jesus Christ. The Christian believers will again walk in great footsteps in His footsteps, on this day, our dear Lord, Jesus Christ, closed his eyes in death on the cross. Good Friday marks his crucifixion and Easter Sunday his resurrection to eternal life and glory. Throughout history, countless millions of people have walked this path to follow Jesus Christ in a spirit of sincere reverence and faith bearing the Cross of Christ.

Easter Celebrations

Every devout Christian treasure Easter and the beautiful traditions that surround it. It is a grand festival that is celebrated as a holiday in many countries in the Christian world. Like all festivals, it is celebrated in a surprising way according to the beliefs of people and their religious denominations. As the excitement of Easter fills the air, churches are preparing again to celebrate and honor the power and glory of the resurrection of our beloved Lord, Jesus Christ. And there is a certain joy in the heart because every family will gather around their festive Easter table to celebrate their rich Easter traditions.

Easy Easter Baskets by Age

If you do different Easter baskets for family and friends, you may be overwhelmed by trying to decide what to fill. Often it works best to determine what the recipient of your shopping basket would like, depending on their age. The following is a guideline for choosing the content for Easy Easter baskets by age group:

For a Toddler Basket

You want this Easter gift basket to be full of little things that will delight your child. Sweets must be kept to a minimum because it is often difficult to arrange with a very young child. You could include:

  • Book-cardboard books work especially well for this age group because they are resistant to rough use.
  • Toys – Small toys will enchant this age child, but make sure there are no small pieces that could break off and cause a choking hazard.
  • Bubbles
  • Puzzles suitable for the age
  • A plush animal


For an Easter Gift Basket for Children of an Elementary Age 

This age group is ready to accept more complicated toys. They are the most enthusiastic about Easter and will be happy to go through the Easter basket. You could include: (Post: Easter Meaning)

  • Art supplies markers, pens, and pencils, paper and stickers
  • Travel games
  • Plush animals with Easter theme
  • Character-based toys
  • Water toys
  • Sweets and other delicacies that they like

For a Pre-teen Basket

Although this age group may seem reluctant to participate in the fun of a basket, they will secretly love getting a basket. You could include:

  • DVDs from a recent hit film for this age group
  • CDs or a gift card to download music
  • Make-up if applicable
  • Locker accessories for school
  • Items that right reflect a personal interest or hobby
  • Snack packages with treats that they can keep in their cupboards

For a Teen’s Easter Basket:

They may seem even more reserved than their pre-teen counterparts, but you should not be fooled by their distant behavior. They will also more enjoy getting a beautiful Easter basket with the following items –

  • A fuel card when the teenager is driving
  • A gift voucher for their favorite store
  • CDs from a gift voucher to download music
  • Items that reflect a personal interest or hobby
  • Treats and other snacks that they would enjoy

For a Student’s Basket:

This Easter basket may need to be emailed if your student cannot come home for Easter. But you can let them know that they have been thought of with the following items-

  • A voucher (since most students are always broke)
  • Treats or other food items that remind them of home. Whether they are home-made chocolate cookies or cookies from a special bakery, they will appreciate it.
  • School supplies
  • Items to decorate a dormitory or apartment

For an Adult Easter Basket

An adult Easter basket can be personalized to match the interest or hobbies of the recipient, but any adult would be happy with the next basket. You could include:

  • Gourmet chocolates – don’t forget a chocolate Easter bunny
  • Peeps – because every Easter beautiful basket should have them
  • A gift voucher for a favorite restaurant, possibly accompanied by cinema tickets
  • Various Easter sweets and baubles, depending on the Easter recipient

For a Grandparent

Thether a grandparent is near or far away, they would like to receive an Easter gift basket with the following items:

  • A small but easy to care for flowering plant
  • Photos of loved ones
  • A digital photo frame loaded with photos
  • A gift voucher for a favorite restaurant (many seniors have a fixed income and appreciate this)
  • An assortment of retro Easter sweets for good memories

Easter Synonyms

Pascha Easter week Paschal Festival
Easterly Eastertide Good Friday
Epiphany Michaelmas Eesurrection
Bulb Shrove Tuesday Palm Sunday
Lent Pentecost Easter Sunday
Whitsun Pancake Day Ash Wednesday
Advent The Annunciation Maundy Thursday
Holy Week Christmas Day Christmas

Top Easter Destinations

Easter is just around the corner and if you have not planned anything yet, you still have enough time to plan a great trip.  There are some popular destinations or countries that you should visit during Easter, You and your loving family can have a great enjoy all the colorful carnivals and parades. Below here list of Easter destinations,

1. Italy

Easter is one of the most important holidays in the Italian calendar. This is like the second most important and beautiful festival after Christmas in Italy. Easter is divided into Carnevale, at which time people party and enjoy and then it’s Lent when Italians observe abstinence from meat and other animal products. Many cities and towns in Italy celebrate the festival in their own special way, such as Scoppio del Carro in Florence, where a towering cart with fireworks is the center of the celebration. Egg racing, where people dressed in medieval costumes participate in egg racing such as eating, balancing, throwing, etc. Parade floats in Bormio, and many other parties. This is the country to be during Easter. (Post: Easter Meaning)

2. Semana Santa in Spain

Easter is celebrated here in a big way. The place has a number of popular churches and there will be huge processions starting from the churches one day before Easter. The procession goes all beautiful night through the entire lovely city and on Easter morning he returns to the church. The bars and restaurants will be open longer than their regular opening times. This is a more great time to be here with all the beautiful colorful processions and entertainment that take place all this time.

3. Sydney, Australia

Sydney has been organizing the annual Easter parade and family day for more than two decades now and it is a celebration that has drawn the world there. Live bands will perform throughout the day, fun rides for children, DJs playing music, and you will see all those men and women in colorful dresses walking around on stilts during the parade. Musicians playing trombone march in the parade with banners carried along with them. A great place to be with a loving family and friends over Easter.

4. Jamaica

Since 1990, Jamaica has been organizing the Easter Carnival Festival. The carnival starts at Beach Jouvert on Easter Sunday every year just before dawn and continues until late at night. You see men with colorful uniforms marching across the road. One can enjoy the local awesome music which is mainly Reggae and Calypso. Many different live popular bands play on this occasion. The bars, big restaurants, and colorful clubs are open around the clock at this time of the year. The carnival puts everyone in a party mode and Jamaica becomes a wonderful place to spend time with family around this time of the year. (Post: Easter Meaning)

5. Colmar. France

From March to mid-April, Colmar great celebrates spring in style. This is also the right time when Comar celebrates awesome Easter with two large Easter markets that are open and located in the heart of the city. If you like artisanal products, you have to be here, because there will be more than 70 exhibitors offering artisanal products for sale. The vineyards in the popular region are also very popular and offer to taste of Alsace wines. A visit to this beautiful European destination will be a memory that you and your family will cherish forever.

6. Easter Holiday in Oslo

This holiday offers an opportunity for the celebration of the coming spring after a long, dark winter. Norway loves this holiday despite the fact that it is a predominantly secular country. Easter is more welcome in Oslo and ensures that people come together and celebrate the arrival of spring. Easter in Oslo can be filled with many activities such as: walking in the sun, visits to museums, shopping, cinema visits and much more. A lot is happening in Oslo during the Easter holidays. Let’s start with museum visits.

Few museums are open during the Easter holidays, such as the Folk Museum, the Viking Ships Museum, the Kon-Tiki Museum, and the Teknisk museum. In Folk Museum you will find 160 buildings from different time periods and all the difference between city and country. The buildings were collected from all over the country and rebuilt according to their origins. Indoor exhibitions include costumes, toys, and folk art, and there is a temporary visitor program throughout the year. Kon-Tiki Museum is located in Oslo and here you can view boats and exhibitions from the expedition of Thor Heyerdahl. (Post: Easter Meaning)

7. Easter Holidays 2020 – Dublin in Ireland

If you are considering spending your Easter weekend outside, Ireland has a range of outdoor activities that you can enjoy. For example, if you are looking for a fantastic place to cycle during your Easter vacation, Dublin offers many kilometers of both on and off-road tracks for cyclists. You can also rent bikes at different locations in the city, and buy an annual subscription if you plan to visit regularly, or for a shorter period for just a short stay.

Regarding the things to see and enjoy in Dublin, there is something for everyone, whether you are an outdoor type or just a lover of art and history. Many visitors also enjoy a shopping excursion along Grafton Street or a night out with Dublin’s nightlife in one of the city’s many pubs. You can even make the tour through the Guinness warehouse, supplemented with a pint of Dublin’s own world-famous brew.

Dublin has a number of green spaces where you can enjoy outdoor activities or a relaxing afternoon picnic. Moreover, Phoenix Park offers the city’s zoo and a range of musical entertainment. The park also contains nice Ashtown Castle, along with the good residence of the President of Ireland. Numerous other historic sites can be found in and around Dublin, including Dublin Castle and St Patrick’s Cathedral. Take a nice family photo next to one of Dublin’s popular statues, such as that of Molly Malone. (Post: Easter Meaning)

Easter In Canada

In Canada, eggs and other delicacies are distributed by the Easter Bunny. The modern belief that eggs are supplied by a rabbit known as the Easter Bunny comes from the legend of the goddess Eostre. So much a humble rabbit wanted to please the Goddess that he laid the holy eggs in her honor, cheerfully decorated them and presented them modestly. She was so happy with the gift that she wanted to share all humanity in her joy. In honor of her wishes, the rabbit went around the world and distributed these small decorated gifts of life.

Easter In the UK

In the UK, families exchange chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday. They also enjoy a traditional Sunday Roast Dinner and eat foods such as Simnel cake, a fruit cake with eleven marzipan balls that represent the eleven faithful apostles. Hot cross buns are also eaten during Holy Week and the Easter period. In Northern England and Ireland, families come together and roll decorated eggs over steep hills.

I hope this list helps you decide where you want to visit this Easter with your family.

The Easter Lily and other Easter Flowers

There are various elegant and vibrant flowers that enhance the meaning of Easter. These flowers are used to decorate houses and churches and are even given as gifts. They provide a great table piece for family and friends to enjoy while eating their delicious Easter dinner. When selecting the perfect flowers for your holiday celebration, it is important to know which types of flowers are usually used to renew this meaningful occasion. (Post: Easter Meaning)

Easter Lily

The Easter Lily is the most popular Easter flower. Although the traditional Easter lily is white with a bell-shaped flower, there are a number of different color lilies to choose from, such as pink, white, yellow and red-orange. Originating from Japan, the Easter lily symbolizes purity and Easter renewal. Because of the shape of the petals of the Easter lily, Christians refer to it as the trumpet of God calling on Jesus to return.


Another popular flower for the Easter holidays, the hydrangea, is a short-growing shrub with beautiful flowers. This beautiful flower blooms in the spring, making it a great choice for the Easter holidays. The flower head of the hydrangea is large, round and consists of a number of different color shades such as white, blue and pink. It is a popular decorative flower for places like a church and it is also a popular Easter gift, especially for hosts of Easter dinners.


Daffodils, also known as Daffodils, are another popular Easter flower. This vibrant flower contains six petals that are yellow. Daffodils symbolize rebirth and eternal life that is relevant to the Christian meaning of Easter. Daffodils also bloom in the spring. According to Christian beliefs, the flower flourished during the resurrection of Christ. (Post: Easter Meaning)


The tulip is a popular flower that adds a beautiful backdrop to Easter celebrations. The elegant tulip true symbolizes the rebirth of spring and true love. This striking flower blooms in the spring and the flower itself has a teacup shape. Tulips are available in a wide spectrum of colors.


The hyacinth is available in various colors, including white, blue, purple and pink. These beautiful flowers are often used in Easter bouquets and as a table piece. The petals are small and bloom in the spring.


Many people give Azaleas as Easter gifts. They are available in various beautiful colors such as orange, white, red and pink. They bloom around Easter and are therefore a popular choice for the holidays.

When you ask people what they think about when they think about Easter, many say colored eggs and colorful Easter baskets. These are well-known Easter symbols; however, beautiful colorful flowers have a long Easter history. When planning your Easter celebrations, consider striking flowers such as the traditional Easter lily. It will make your vacation much more meaningful and unforgettable. (Post: Easter Meaning)

Five Fantastic Easter Gift Ideas

Personalized Easter gifts are becoming a phenomenon. These are presses that you can tailor for someone special, whether it’s your partner, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa … well, almost everyone on your list.

So, without further hassle, here are five fantastic Easter gifts that you can make your mittens of today – gift ideas that you may never have heard of …

Personalized Wine & Spirits Gift Package

Who said you should say “Happy Easter” with chocolate? For those who enjoy a drink, say it with wine instead. These gift sets are perfect for treating someone in a luxurious style and there is plenty to grab. Presented in a beautiful silk-lined gift box, you can get packages with a bottle of their favorite drink along with engraved glasses, lush chocolates, an original newspaper or a red velvet rose. And the best bit? You can personalize the wine bottle label with any name along with a thoughtful message. Easter ideas like these are, let’s be honest, ideal for people with a preference for the finer things in life.

Personalized Easter Message Bunny

When it comes to Easter, it’s not only fun to love everything, but it can’t be denied that most of us have a bit of a weakness for all things that are cute and cuddly. For those who love fluffy hugs, there is such a thing as “personalized Easter bunnies.” But it wouldn’t be message bunnies if you couldn’t add a message to it. These bundles of cuteness wear knitted sweaters, which you can personalize with any message. You will see your message embroidered in a thread color of your choice. These cute stuffed animals of rabbits are wonderful alternative Easter gifts and last longer than a chocolate egg!

Personalized Egg Cups

If you serve breakfast on Easter morning, why not serve boiled eggs (or the chocolate version!) In a personalized egg cup? It is a great way to give an Easter-related gift without falling into the usual cliché of buying chocolate.

Personalized Chocolate Bar

If you really have to do the whole Easter chocolate hassle, personalized chocolate bars make a great choice. These are unique chocolate bars with their name plus a thoughtful message on the stylish packaging – the perfect Easter reward for even the most demanding chocolate!

Personalized Sweetheart Pots 

Following the sugary, syrupy theme, what a beautiful and loving adult would really refuse a gigantic jar full of all their favorite sweets, including Coke bottles, Jelly Babies, Love Hearts, Drumstick Lollipops, Fizzers, Fried Eggs, Drop Wheels and much, much more? Exactly. They just wouldn’t do it. The label on these huge pots can be personalized with their name, occasion, i.e. Easter, plus a short message.


Thanks for reading about easter meaning”. Please share it with others for spreading information and knowledge about that!

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