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5 Top Bucket List Ideas for 2022

5 Top Bucket List Ideas for 2022

5 Top Bucket List Ideas for 2022

We all have goals and inspirations, the kind of things we’ve dreamed of achieving at some point in our lives.

By having bucket lists, we can turn those dreams and “what-ifs” into reality.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a bookworm, a travel enthusiast or a movie buff, you can tailor your bucket list to suit your aspirations, or push your limits and do something outside your comfort zone for that extra thrill.

Here are five ideas for one-off opportunities to consider adding to your bucket list for 2022 and beyond:

1. Go skydiving

Throwing yourself out of a plane at 18,000 feet and free-falling from a plane isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re a thrill-seeker who wants to see the world from a different perspective, a parachute jump should definitely be. your bucket list.

There is no feeling of falling out of the clouds at 120mph, the feeling of excitement flows through your body as you take in the breathtaking views as you plummet to the ground. Once the parachute opens, glide gracefully the rest of the way until your feet are firmly back on the ground.

The experience will leave you full of adrenaline and feeling empowered by what you have accomplished.

2. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Traveling by hot air balloon is not your standard mode of transportation, which is why the experience is on so many people’s bucket lists.

You will feel almost weightless as you enjoy beautiful views as you soar through the air. Hot air balloons have a graceful presence in the sky as they rise slowly using the power of flame burners and float smoothly through the air.

It will be a feeling like no other; you will soar through the clouds and be able to breathe in the fresh air at 5000 feet above the ground while admiring the amazing view.

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3. Sleep in an igloo

Live a frozen fantasy by embracing your inner Inuit and spend the night in an igloo!

Made solely of snow and ice, these arctic structures have been used as homes in unforgiving climates for thousands of years. The dome houses become heat pockets and therefore form a cozy house in severe winter temperatures.

There are many places in the world where you could tick off this bucket list wish, such as Alaska, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Greenland. With many ‘ice cream’ hotels offering features such as an ice bar, jacuzzi and fondue lounge, it will be an experience like no other that you are sure to never forget!

4. Visit the Northern Lights

As one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, it’s no wonder the Northern Lights are on so many people’s bucket lists.

Created by Mother Nature herself, the mesmerizing burst of colors sprinkled across the sky is caused by protons and electrons reacting with gases as they reach Earth’s atmosphere.

You can experience the celestial light show anywhere with a magnetic latitude above 55° and low light pollution, but the top destinations are Iceland, Alaska, Canada and Norway.

5. Start a new sport

Trying out a new sport is a brilliant way to pick up a new hobby and take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Whether you want to learn to skate, participate in a local cricket game or get your blood pumping by joining a running club, learning new skills is healthy for both mind and body.

Joining a local sports team is a great way to meet people and form strong friendships, it gives you the chance to meet like-minded people with the same ambitions and interests as you.

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OK Top Bucket List Ideas for 2022

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