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Why Humans are Good or Bad Creatures of Habit

Why Humans are Good or Bad Creatures of Habit

Why Humans are Creatures of Habit

Creatures of Habit: Changing people’s thinking is like trying to turn a ship when the rudder is stuck. The best attempts fail because the controls are directed in a different direction than the captain wants. Whether we realize it or not, there is a power beyond our control that plays the same role. While our brains and logic want us to go one way, unless it’s the way we need to travel, something tends to keep us on our way.

While the planet we depend on for life is in danger, there is nothing we can do to stop it. People worldwide are driven by a superpower that defies reason when it comes to destroying it.

Plastic is overwhelming our oceans and killing the life within, and yet people cannot stop buying goods in them. Climate change is devastating communities and yet we are doing nothing to stop deforestation, stop fossil fuel burning, or change our habits in any way. We are dead on the road to extinction.

It is mostly doubtful that the majority ever question the reason why this is. Why are beautiful animals killed when their habitat is removed so that people can grow crops and expand in numbers to unsustainable levels?

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Creatures of Habit

Do those responsible care that what they do leads to our own downfall? The short answer is no, because like those before them, they only consider money to be worthwhile.

Creating wealth surpasses the senses. The greed to have more rules about those who take from the environment to improve their own situations. Why logic would tell them to stop, their direction finder drives them. They can’t stop because too many other things are going on.

Societies do not focus on common sense, but on the will of the leaders. While they may play the role of captain of the ship of life, there is a much greater power that controls it. To know that power, all we need to do is look at the prophecies left as a warning to us thousands of years ago.

With a strong memory of reincarnation, I know that the real force behind everything is the Great Spirit of the Universe. It put up the barriers to keep the majority from knowing about it. A huge wall of confusion and misguided religious beliefs and enforcement has kept them going.

Only when those who are connected to the Spirit and have knowledge of the contrary can that wall be removed. In the meantime, we continue on the path to destruction as outlined from the beginning. That is the helm that guides us and our path to that day is clear as we are rapidly nearing our end.

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