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How LDN Helps with Anxiety and Depression

How LDN Helps with Anxiety and Depression

How LDN Helps with Anxiety and Depression

What is LDN?

Low Dose Naltrexone, or LDN, was initially approved at higher doses nearly 30 years ago by the FDA to help treat patients suffering from addiction. In most cases, these patients were prescribed 50 milligrams or more per day. However, LDN has found a new use for treatment in recent years. Low Dose Naltrexone has also been commonly used since 1985 to treat patients with viral infections, autoimmune diseases, and to treat obesity in adults.

Today, Naltrexone is finding new off-label uses such as to help treat mental health issues, cancer, inflammation, pain, and dysfunctional immune systems. LDN is only approximately one-fifth of the typical Naltrexone dose, meaning patients who are prescribed it may only be taking 10 milligrams or less each day. But did you know that LDN has become an effective therapy for anxiety and depression? According to, a longevity platform that offers accessibility to treatments such as LDN, Low Dose Naltrexone is believed to upregulate endorphin production, thus helping to improve overall depression and anxiety symptoms.

Common symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In simple terms, anxiety and depression are mental health disorders commonly characterized by persistent depressive moods and loss of interest in activities that significantly impair their day-to-day life. Although there isn’t one singular cause for depression and anxiety, they are typically caused by a combination of psychological, biological, and social causes of distress. Through research in previous years, researchers believe these factors can also cause a change in our brain’s function, such as the altered activity of certain neural circuits in the brain.

Typically, these actual persistent feelings of loss or sadness can most lead to other behavioral and physical symptoms such as all loss of appetite or increased appetite, lack of sleep, lower energy levels, and decreased self-esteem.

How does LDN help with anxiety and depression?

LDN is known to upregulate endorphin production. Because of this, LDN is an effective therapy in helping to treat anxiety and depression symptoms. Through a study of 15 cases by W. Pape’ and W. Wöller, they found that LDN did have a significant impact on improving a patient’s overall mood and symptoms. The study concluded that out of 15 patients, 11 immediately reported positive effects and 7 described lasting effects. Per the study, it mentioned that “…patients who felt positive effects reported clearer perceptions of both their surroundings and inner life. Assessment of reality and dealing with it improved as did the perception of their own body and effects as well as self-regulation”. Further research has proven that LDN does have a direct impact on energy, mood, and pain.

Research proves that depression and anxiety are oftentimes the results of chronic pain or disease. Because LDN can help to alleviate these pains, it is likely to have a direct impact on the mood that anxiety patients are currently experiencing. As mentioned previously, LDN is known to upregulate endorphin production. This has a mood-boosting effect and causes an increase in energy levels as well as immune health. After LDN’s use, it also has been proven to stimulate the body’s own production of endorphins.

Overall, LDN is extremely beneficial in more ways than one when it comes to combatting anxiety and depression, and research has shown us that. Today, LDN is also prescribed off-label for a variety of health issues such as Thyroid Dysregulation, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn’s Disease. “Unlike other treatments, LDN works with your immune system – not against it – empowering your body to create its own therapeutic effects.”

What else does L D N help with?

LDN also has several other unique benefits to its use. For instance, it has been directly linked to reductions in brain fog and fatigue, lowers markers of inflammation in the body, and encourages weight loss. There is also clinical evidence that LDN works to reduce chronic pain, as discussed previously.

If you suffer from anxiety and depression, LDN may be a great fit for you. The same could be said for those suffering from chronic pain conditions, autoimmune disease, inflammation, and many other medical conditions. It may be time-worthy to look into LDN and how it could help to ease your overall symptoms and quality of life.

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LDN Anxiety and Depression

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