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What Are the Side Effects of CBD Edibles?

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Edibles?

Know about the Side Effects of CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles

Recently CBD products are the go-to source for individuals experiencing symptoms such as pain. Despite the positive vibe surrounding CBD edibles, most individuals are unaware of the side effects that result from consuming them. In this article, we will focus on the side effects of CBD edibles.

What are Edibles?

CBD edibles are any food item that has been infused with CBD or cannabidiol. These CBD-infused products provide an alternative method of cannabis consumption to smoking and vaping. Edibles come in different forms including candies, baked goods, beverages, capsules and more. Furthermore, you can make your own CBD gummies from the comfort of your home.

The Side Effects of CBD edibles

While some edible products may help patients with medical problems like pain, they might cause issues for novice users who lack experience with cannabis. For individuals who have a bad reaction to CBD, the symptoms can include a racing heart, extreme sweating, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions.

Some of these edible side effects might result from consuming more than the recommended dose of CBD. If you are a user who consumes lower dosages of CBD, then you’re less likely to experience any side effects. The most common side effects are the following:

1.   Lightheadedness

Lightheadedness usually results because of a drop in blood pressure. Consuming high doses of CBD can lead to low blood pressure. This chocolate edibles side effect is rare. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that you may become lightheaded or dizzy after taking CBD. Usually, the side effect is temporary and can be relieved by drinking coffee, tea, or water.

 2.   Drowsiness

CBD edibles can lead to drowsiness, making it difficult to perform activities that need mental sharpness such as driving. Typically, CBD does not promote feelings of drowsiness or tiredness. However, since everyone is different, the way you are affected by candies might be different from how someone else is affected.

3.   Dry Mouth

If your mouth feels like it’s stuffed with cotton balls after taking CBD edibles, then you might be prone to the “dry mouth” side effect. Dry mouth occurs due to how CBD interacts with the endocannabinoids system (ECS). CBD oil can prompt the receptors in the salivary glands to inhibit secretion.

4.   Changes in Appetite and Weight

Consuming CBD edibles for longer periods can cause changes in appetite and weight in some people. Several research studies show that CBD may regulate glucose levels in the body. While this may help people with diabetes, it can prompt individuals to feel either more or less hungry. Similarly, over time changes in eating habits can also influence weight.

Bottom line

The short answer to this is no. Cannabidiol edibles are a fun and tasty way to enjoy CBD. Despite the few side effects, the positive features outweigh the negative.

Interestingly, most side effects are easily fixable. To free yourself from any worries, ensure to buy from trustworthy manufacturers and consume products responsibly.

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