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how to pronounce

how to pronounce

how to pronounce

How to Pronounce English Words Correctly

how to pronounce: Pronunciation of words becomes a very difficult topic once you leave a single location. How Americans pronounce words differs from how British speak words, which also differs from how Australians, Canadians, Indians, Singaporeans or South Africans pronounce words. We are always looking for a “correct” statement, but is there really an international standard?
If you live in a country and only speak to a small group of people who all use the same pronunciation of words, you are lucky. You must try to pronounce words in the same way as this group of people around you.
However, the majority of us live in more international environments. We regularly come into contact with people from all over the world. We don’t know how to pronounce English words because we always hear different statements!
It is estimated that 96% of English conversations around the world include at least one non-native English speaker. This means that the pronunciation of words will inevitably change.
Instead of concentrating on one “correct” statement, I choose to focus on how we can speak with greater clarity to better communicate with people from all over the world, who all pronounce words differently. Despite the many different English pronouncements, we can still understand each other as long as we focus on these three pronunciation areas:
It is very important that you speak words with clear consonants. “D” and “T” have different sounds. This also applies to ‘V’ and ‘W’, ‘R’ and ‘L’, and all other consonants of the alphabet (all letters except the vowels, A, E, I, O and U). If you confuse consonant sounds, people will misunderstand your pronunciation of words.
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2. How to Pronounce Using Short / Long vowels

The way your vowels actually sound is actually not as important as the length of your vowels. Consider the words ‘cap’ and ‘cab’. The ‘a’ sound is the same in both words, but if you pronounce the words clearly, you will notice that you hold the ‘a’ in ‘cabin’ a little longer than the ‘a’ in ‘cap’. This is because ‘cap’ ends in the voiceless ‘p’, while ‘cab’ ends in the voice ‘b’. The ‘p’ and ‘b’ are very similar to the ends of words, so the way in which we distinguish them is to extend the vowel sound for voiced endings.

3. Appropriate sentence stress

The final area, which is not so much about how you pronounce words, but more about the overall flow of your speech, is to emphasize the right words in your sentences. You must emphasize the words that really matter – topics, objects or other words that are important to your meaning. Linking words such as ‘and’ or ‘or’ does not normally need to be emphasized. Prepositions (from, about, about) are also non-stressed words, unless your main message is that the book is on the table, and not under it, for example.
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How to pronounce French

French can be a difficult language to learn, while it is based on Latin such as English, there are many differences in concepts, grammar and pronunciation that can make many people stumble to learn French causing them frustration and weeks and weeks of extra study add their time. However, learn to speak French online and you can shorten this time and gain valuable insights into language and culture!

Online learning has become the new way for people to learn when they want and how they want for all kinds of things and how they can speak French. The benefits of flexible learning and better pronunciation through repeated learning, interactive games and easily available explanations make an online solution for language learning better and cheaper than French lessons. 

how to pronounce With audio components and visual components, people can bring together the most difficult parts of learning another language in the style that they are better at consistently drilling pronunciation, or get a cultural background about why you say something to see exactly how and where to hold your tongue when you speak to see the words as you speak them and even every syllable as you say it and listen to it.
To learn French quickly, you need all the resources at your disposal and a good pronunciation is an essential part of fluent speaking so that you can talk easily, so if you speak French online, you can become fluent faster and become a source have that you can use again and again to keep improving your skills.

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How to pronounce in German language

How to learn German is the most difficult problem for the students, and how to pronounce German is another difficult question. Because leaning on a language is a kind of art of speaking, you must learn to pronounce when you learn a new language. It is known that pronunciation is the basis of German. However, the German pronunciation rule is simple, so it is very easier to control. 

German has a total of 26 vowel letters plus three variables, if you learn these 28 letters well, you can also read the basic German words, because there is generally no phonetic in German. If you come across a strange word, this can of course be highlighted in the dictionary and you should not worry about this problem. The most difficult problem of the German sound is the sound “r”, for beginners they are generally unable to pronounce. Because “r” is from the elastic tongue, which is from a small retroflex. Here is a training method for you.
When you get up in the morning to brush your teeth, you can drink a mouthful of water in your mouth and keep it still in your mouth, and then have the water stop at the space between the hood and the pipes when looking upwards. you try to make vocal cords vibrate so that the water vibrates at the same time, you can successfully feel your heel vibrate. Repeat this exercise for 2-3 months and take 5 minutes each day to do this type of exercise until you can vibrate your heel without water.
If you find it very difficult, don’t worry, here is another way for you. Because the German people do not pay much attention to the statement of “r” in their daily conversation, you use two other methods instead. One is that you can make an “h” sound and have a vibration of the vocal cords, the other is that you can make an “h” sound and also have a vibration of the vocal cords. After all, regardless of which method you choose, you must pronounce the sounds as a high speed. 

If you want to learn this type of language, and if you want to learn the correct pronunciation of the German language, it is better to choose a good learning tool to improve your pronunciation. For example, you can choose Rosetta Stone German to try, because it can offer you standard pronunciations for every word you encounter. With this type of software you can improve your language level as quickly as possible. If you browse through all of the above, you may have learned something about learning a foreign language, especially the one you have chosen.

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How to pronounce Spanish
There are some difference sounds in the Spanish language that are not in the English language. Learning how to pronounce Spanish words is not so difficult if you learn the basics of the Spanish language.

The Spanish alphabet has thirty letters compared to the English twenty-six. Also those thirty letters produce more than thirty sounds due to certain environments and circumstances of certain letters such as the letters c, v and y to name just a few.

All language consists of sounds. Learning Spanish pronunciation in sounds is the first step to learning how to pronounce Spanish words. It’s really not that complicated, but we as adults tend to always think things through.
If you learn to pronounce Spanish words, it’s best to start from the beginning. Think about how you learned to talk as a child. You first listened and observed. Then you made a few sounds that eventually developed into words, then sentences and finally sentences.
If we, as adults, can follow our children’s signals, we would get to know and build on the basics of Spanish sounds. By building on the basic sounds in the Spanish language, we learn how words and sentences originated and we develop a greater and more basic knowledge of the Spanish language. You have learned how to pronounce the most difficult-looking and sounding Spanish words, because you know how the word is derived. This simple learning method is called the language approach to language learning.

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How to pronounce Polish words
The Polish language is often considered one of the most difficult languages, as the pronunciation is very special for non-native speakers. After all, any language can become easy if you do your best to learn your language. In essence, if you like something, you will regard it as entertainment, while if you don’t like it, you will consider it an offensive matter. Most language learners see language learning as a headache because there is so much complex knowledge and information that you have to deal with, making this complex information the effective source for your language study. However, if you can keep a calm heart to study this language step by step, you can maintain your perfect learning attitude until you have finished your language study.
Today, the world has become a spinning ball in which thousands of information quickly move from one place to another every day. There is a new trend that more and more individuals and companies are participating in a language learning group. There are different languages in the world, and the majority languages contain special functions that attract different people. Different people choose different languages to learn for different reasons. how to pronounce – For example, the people who are present to learn Russian may be very interested in Russian literature or Russian history. Rosetta Stone Russian is a good language software that can facilitate your Russian learning and improve your interest in Russian culture and Russian language.
If you are a Polish student, it is imperative that you know more about phonetic knowledge. This is because that Polish language is very different from other languages that are receptive in the phonetic section. Every word must be pronounced precisely in Polish so that you can clearly express your information to others. For most beginners, they often do not know how to use their language study because the alphabet seems so difficult. If you can see the Polish language as your native language and learn it naturally, you will benefit greatly from it.
In short, there are many extra accent characters and special letters in the Polish language. You must pronounce each letter carefully so that you cannot get confused. The Polish alphabet contains 32 letters and Polish has more vowels than English. Moreover, there are also many Polish letters that are spoken together as one sound. If you are a Polish learner, Rosetta Stone Polish is your best learning assistant who can offer you standard audio tracks that can help you master Polish pronunciation as effectively as possible.

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