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How to Drink Kratom Tea in a Fun Way

How to Drink Kratom Tea in a Fun Way

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An intriguing new product called kratom is starting to gain a sizable following. People are drawn to it for various reasons, including its benefits for health and wellness and its energizing or calming side effects.

But the question is, what does Kratom taste like? Almost everyone can agree that kratom has one drawback: it doesn’t taste nice. Kratom’s flavor is, at best, characterized as “earthy,” “herbal,” or “rustic,” with some comparing it to green tea.

That is why you should find a way to consume kratom tea in a fun way to ensure that you will enjoy each cup. Therefore, we have compiled some suggestions below on how to make Mitragyna tea the fun way and truly enjoy not only its benefits but also its taste.

Kratom Tea with Orange Juice

Everyone loves OJ. There is no other way to jump-start your day but with a fresh glass of orange juice. It is refreshing, sweet, and tangy, which is a perfect combination to make your Mitragyna tea taste good.

Additionally, adding Kratom to your morning glass of OJ transforms it into something healthier. It will also help you feel more energetic, especially if energy boosting is your main objective for consuming kratom.

OJ is an excellent potentiator for kratom. The orange juice’s citric acid aids in the dissolution of Kratom alkaloids, allowing quicker absorption into the body. Inhibitors of the mitragynine-degrading enzyme CYP3A4 can also be found in orange juice. The good effects of Kratom will continue in your body the longer it stays in your system.

Lemonade on Kratom Tea

Although adding lemon alone can already improve the taste of Mitragyna tea, it would still be better if you mixed your Mitragyna tea with lemonade. Kratom lemonade is another refreshing drink packed with the right nutrients and the appropriate acidity to help kratom become more effective.

Lemon is known to have a strong smell and taste, which can easily mask the bitter taste of pure kratom. Lemonade is also the ideal beverage to have after a long morning because of its antioxidant and cooling effects.

Simply make lemonade, as usual, then add the appropriate amount of Mitragyna. It is advised to add a little more lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar to cover the earthy flavor of Kratom completely.

Add Your Tea To Your Protein Shake

If you are consuming a protein shake, it would be best to include kratom in your mix. So, if you are into fitness, mixing protein shake and kratom will be a perfect concoction for you. It is delicious and nourishing, plus Mitragyna is known to help aid in weight loss.

Therefore, it is a perfect combination to level up your fitness journey. This beverage can be consumed either before or after exercise. This drink gives you an immediate energy boost to aid your activities and aims to improve your daily habits over time.

Simply mix your preferred kratom strain into your protein shake to transform it into an energizing kratom beverage and experience the fantastic advantages it will offer over your usual shake. Additionally, it gives you more energy to exercise and enhances your stamina at the gym.

Kratom and Smoothies

If you are not into protein shakes, you can mix your tea with your favorite smoothie. Adding your tea to a smoothie is one of the best ways to cover up the bitter taste of Mitragyna tea. Combine your favorite fruits and vegetables, as well as the kratom, in milk or yogurt.

Give it a pulse until it is pureed and all the ingredients are mixed well. You can mix and match different ingredients and liquids according to your liking. Then, serve it chilled and enjoy your kratom without even tasting it.

Kratom on Your Morning Coffee

If you are looking for a simpler kratom beverage, you can throw in some kratom powder in your morning coffee. Coffee and Mitragyna are in the same plant species family, making them safe to combine.

You can mix your kratom powder into a hot or cold coffee blend. Whichever you prefer, adding coffee to your Mitragyna tea is a great way to enjoy it. Many people even believe that coffee and kratom are a match made in heaven.

Kratom can make some individuals sluggish and constipated. Meanwhile, coffee is a great energy booster and provides a laxative effect. Therefore, mixing them will make the coffee limit the undesirable effect of kratom.

But remember that combining coffee and kratom can make you jittery and anxious or cause your heart to beat faster. So be cautious while combining these two ingredients.

Kratom Plus Grapefruit Juice

Try mixing grapefruit juice with Kratom for another fantastic Kratom drink recipe. Antioxidants are abundant in grapefruit juice, which has a strong flavor. The strong taste of grapefruit juice can effortlessly hide Kratom’s bitter and earthy flavors.

Also, the citrus taste of grapefruit tends to affect the alkaloids found in Kratom and helps them operate faster. Simply pour a glass of grapefruit juice into a measuring cup, add the correct amount of kratom, and stir.

Tea with Tea

If you are not into sweet or flavorful concoctions, why not add a small amount of kratom to your favorite flavored tea? High temperatures disintegrate the alkaloids in the kratom, so it is advised to let your boiling water cool down for about 8 to 10 minutes before adding the kratom.

Let this mixture soak for 5 to 10 minutes before filtering it and savoring your revitalizing tea. To make your Mitragyna tea sweeter, you may also add honey. Tea is known to be a natural immune booster, and when combined with Kratom, this calming drink may be exactly what you need after a long shift.

Start Drinking Your Mitragyna Tea the Fun Way

You don’t need to endure the bitter taste of your kratom tea just to acquire its benefits. There are so many fun and delicious ways to consume your Mitragyna tea. You can try your preferred mixture suggested above and experience the best way to enjoy your tea.

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