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Easter Meaning

What is “Easter Meaning”

Easter meaning: Easter is one of the most important, famous, celebrated and holiest of all festivals on the Christian calendar. It is a celebration of death and of being born again while Christians celebrate the crucifixion and then rise from the death of Jesus Christ.

Today, Easter is celebrated with a church service on Good Friday and the giving of small Easter gifts on Sundays.

As with many other Christian celebrations, many of our Easter symbols and traditions today have their roots in paganism. When the emperor Constantine of Rome converted to Christianity and decided that it was the only religion of the empire, the Christian religious leaders integrated many of the pagan rituals that were at the time with those of Christianity.

However, just like any other vacation, it’s important to sit down and plan all your ingredients before you visit the stores. You may also be planning to buy a lot of some “Easter” goodies and gifts for your family – but don’t worry, the stores won’t be too busy like Christmas. As you know, Easter is not as big as Christmas or commercialized, so the crowds just aren’t there. However, this does not mean that you can leave it up to the last minute to plan.

Come with me while I take a look at some of the most common Easter symbols and traditions and how they came about.

1. The word “Easter” @ “easter meaning”

It is said that the word Easter comes from the name of a beautiful pagan goddess of spring, Eostre. Eostre was honored during the spring equinox, the time when we now celebrate Easter.

2. “Easter” egg – “Easter Meaning”

Over the centuries the egg has been considered as the ultimate symbol of rebirth and new life. In all cultures throughout the centuries the egg has symbolized the beginning of everything, especially new life.

For Christians, it symbolizes the death and rebirth of Christ, but more so, it also celebrates their new life in Christ when they become Christians.

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3. “Easter” Bunny = “Easter Meaning”

The Easter Bunny is actually an Easter Bunny. Hares have long symbolized the moon and it is the first full moon after the spring equinox that sets the date of Easter every year. The hare is a nocturnal creature that appears with the moon at night and was thought to have neither blinked nor closed its eyes.

“Easter meaning: According to legend, the Easter Bunny was originally a large beautiful bird that belonged to Eostre. One day she chose wishfully to transform her bird into a hare. Because the “Easter” Bunny still thinks he is a bird, he continues to fill nests with eggs which he then leaves in our gardens for children to find at Easter.”

4. Hot Cross Buns – “Easter Meaning”

One of the oldest and tastiest traditions of Good Friday is eating warm cross buns. These spicy sandwiches, marked with a white cross, are said to have originated in pagan times. The early Romans, Greeks and Egyptians marked their bread with symbols that honored their gods and goddesses.

5. The habit of eating warm cross buns “Easter Meaning”

Some believed that a warm cross bread that was kept from one Good Friday to the next would bring happiness to the household, while others believed that hanging a warm cross bread over the fireplace made all the bread baked there perfect. Still others believed strongly that eating some hot cross buns on Good Friday that protected the whole family and the house from any type of fire. (Post: Easter Meaning)

6. Shop ahead + “Easter Meaning”

#easter meaning: When planning your awesome Easter, there is no such exact thing as being over-prepared. If you leave your groceries until the last minute, you are bound to forget things or stay behind with the sediment on the islands. To prevent this, you want to make a list of all the things you need & refer to it often. If you can do this successfully, you will not only get what you need on time, but you can also keep to your budget. Armed with your list you leave the stores with only what you need and not many impulse purchases that will kill your budget.

It is a pity that you cannot buy your Easter meals 12 months in advance, but what prevents you from entering Easter decorations or Easter art for next year. We all know that “Easter” decorations and the like will be so much cheaper a week or two after Easter. This means that you can get all new decorations and Easter art and crafts at a great discount on the price and be 100% prepared for Easter 2020$. But remember people, just because what Easter decorations are are cheap – doesn’t mean you have they all needed. (Post: “Easter Meaning”)

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