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The Beginners Guide to Hand Nicknames in Online Poker

The Beginners Guide to Hand Nicknames in Online Poker

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With the rise in popularity of gambling games, especially because of the number of people that enjoy heading over to different online gambling sites, there are more and more people who are getting invested in playing poker. If you want to start playing poker yourself and would like to try and get good at it, then you are not only going to need to be clued up on different strategies, but you are also going to need to have some knowledge about the different terms that are used in a poker game. The below article is going to discuss these terms in a bit more detail – specifically, when you should use them and how you can learn them a bit better.

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If you are learning these terms because you are interested in playing more online poker, then you need to make sure that you are heading over to the right websites to play on. There are many different sites available and, as such, you need to be aware of where you can look for the best ones. It would take too long for you to filter through them all yourself and, as such, you should head over to different review sites that will point you in the direction of the best usa real money online casinos. Once you have found the right site to play on, you are going to be in the best place to start using your poker terminology.

What Are the Most Popular Hand Nicknames in Poker?

Due to how many there are, it would be almost impossible to list all of the different hand nicknames which are used in poker. Not to mention, depending on the kind of poker you’re playing and the people you’re playing with, the hand nicknames used could well vary. Below, we are going to be focusing strictly on Texas Hold’em.

Pocket Pairs

The best place to start is with pocket pairs. These refer to any hand that has two cards of the same value. This could be anything from two A’s to Queens, Kings, and so on. There are different nicknames given to different pocket pairs and some of the most popular are laid out below.

  • Pocket Aces (AA)

    • Poker Rockets – This comes from the shape of the letter A, which looks a little bit like a rocket.
    • Batteries – This name lends itself from the AA symbol that you often see on batteries.
    • Snake Eyes – In the game craps, if the dice are rolled and they produce two 1’s, this is called snake eyes, hence why the same name is assigned in poker for two aces.
  • Pocket Kings (KK)

    • Ace Magnets – This is an ironic name, given the only pair that can beat this hand is a pair of aces, that’s the last hand you want to see.
    • Cowboys – Your guess is as good as ours. It’s not quite clear how this name came about but it is still frequently used.

A-X Poker Hand Nicknames

Some of the other common phrases come from having an ace with another card. These include the following:

  • Ace-King (AK)

    • King Arthur – This name comes about as a play on the cards initials.
    • Space Cowboy – Made up of an ‘ace from space’ and a ‘cowboy’.
  • Ace-Queen (AQ)

    • Anthony and Cleopatra – This is a clear reference to the famous play written by Shakespeare.
    • Rocket Queen – A combination of the rocket (the ace) and the queen, it’s also a reference to a Guns N’ Roses song for any classic rock fans out there.



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