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Diamond Uses Fascinating and 8 Popular Value

Diamond Uses Fascinating and 8 Popular Value

Diamond Uses Fascinating and 8 Popular Value

Diamond Uses of All Perspective

diamond uses: Diamond is a popular stone in solid form of the carbon element with its atoms arranged in a awesome crystal structure called diamond cubic. Diamond is popularly known as a jewel in jewelry, but apart from this basic use of diamond, there are many other uses of this valuable stone. Diamonds are also used in many industries for various operations. In addition to use in industry, diamonds are also used for a number of general basic applications.

The most common effective applications for diamonds outside of fine jewelry are for all industrial applications. Because diamonds are so strong (score a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale), they are extremely effective in polishing, cutting and drilling. diamond uses  industries, including the many automotive industry, mining and the military, use diamond saws and drills. Small diamond particles are added to drills and saw edges to make them more powerful for cutting tough materials.

Diamond is usually used or reshape as gems and for making jewelry. Diamond particles are also very important for the “different circle of diamond life”. Of course, many  industrial diamonds are the best of best and strongest material to use for cutting and polishing their jewelry quality counterparts.


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1) Glass Cutting

Small pieces of diamonds are used to cut glasses. The diamonds are also used for drilling the rocks. The hardness of the rock diamond is the main reason why diamonds are much preferred for such cutting and drilling activities. You must also have heard many times that a diamond can cut a diamond and that is true. A small part of the diamond can be used every time to make a cut into large diamond pieces.

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2) Diamond Uses in Polishing on other stones

There is no matter if a diamond in the solid form or in the form of all dust is used, diamond has a number of diamond uses. The dust of the rock diamond which fall during cutting production can be used for polishing other diamonds and precious stones. The dust of the cutting diamond gives an more improved shine in the other stones.

3) Diamond Uses in Tungsten wires

It can also surprise some people that a diamond can also be used to make tungsten wires. The diamond molds are used to make the wires using the laboratory equipment.

4) Diamond Uses in Stone engraving

According to the well-known Hunker site, diamonds can be used to engrave stones on various other metals. The different stones in different places that can be engraved are granite, quartz, etc. The workers feel that no need to replace an engraving bit because the diamond does not break, It may scratch or damage any of the stones. As a result, the work can be easily done without worry or stress.

5) Diamond Uses in Electronic applications for diamond

Since it have a high thermal real conductivity, diamonds can therefore be used in different various electronic applications to prevent the sensitive parts from being damaged by the sun’s rays of heat. The diamonds are used as heat sinks in such electronic applications for dissipating the heat from the sun.

6) Diamond Uses in Lapping of diamond

Lapping is also a very known and popular method where diamond is used. Diamond slurry is used during lapping diamond uses. The slurry of different diamonds is made by mixing water with a mixture that contains small pieces of diamond. This diamond slurry is then applied between the two surfaces that must be wrapped and rubbed to get results.

7) Diamond Uses in Antidote for poison / disease

Although there is no scientific evidence for this use, diamonds are often used in various places as an antidote for poison or disease. The belief that eating diamonds would ward off disease stems from the days of the plague.

The lower classes felt the deadly effects of the plague before the higher classes did, a consequence of their inferior health care and dirty living conditions. Many poor people, however, came to the conclusion that the diamonds swallowed by the rich people kept them healthy.

8) Diamond Uses in Heat Sinks

A heat sink is a component in an electronic system that cools it by eliminating heat and mixing with the environment. Diamond has a naturally high thermal conductivity, which means that it is very good heat conductor and diamond is used as a good tool for heat sinks.

Diamond as a highly precious stone has been used for centuries to make jewelry. Almost every woman wants at least one set of diamond jewelry in their lives. But other than that diamonds are used for several reasons. Diamonds are used for polishing, cutting and drilling.

In some of cases, small diamond particles are mostly added to drills and saw edges to make them more powerful enough to perform flawlessly. In the past, diamonds are used to make beauty products. It is claimed that nano diamonds have potential against cancer.


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