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100+ Love Synonym, Antonyms and Related Words

100+ Love Synonym, Antonyms and Related Words

Learn About Love Synonym

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Hear you can learn about most of love synonym and related words. This word mostly use in relationships including –

Love SynonymLoveSynonymLove Synonym    Love SynonymLove SynonymLove SynonymLove SynonymLove SynonymLove SynonymLove Synonym

Love Synonym
Affection Adulation Amity Ardor Beloved
Devotion Darling Dear Devotedness Emotion
Enchantment Amorousness Fondness Friendship Fondness
Taste  Mad For  Soft Spot  Passion  Squeeze 
Appreciation  Attachment  Devotedness  Partiality  Sentiment
 Allegiance  Case  Fervor  Piety  Weakness
 Amour  Cherishing  Fidelity  Rapture  Worship
 Tenderness  Crush  Flame  Regard  Zeal
 Yearning  Delight  Idolatry  Relish  Ardency
 Sweet  Sweetheart Sweetie Sweetie Pie  Truelove


appreciation | allegiance | amour | tenderness | yearning | attachment | case | cherishing | crush | delight | devotedness | fervor | fidelity | flame |hankering | idolatry | partiality | piety | rapture | regard | relish | sentiment | weakness | worship | zeal | ardency | mad for | soft spot | passion | squeeze [slang] | sweet | sweetheart | sweetie | sweetie pie | truelove.

Words Related to Love Synonym

Appetite | ardor | appreciation | allegiance | adoration | fancy | favor | like | liking | partiality | preference | relish | taste | craving | crush | desire | infatuation | longing | lust | yearning | esteem | estimation | regard | respect | eagerness | enthusiasm | fervor | zeal | faithfulness | fealty | fidelity | loyalty | steadfastness | adulation | deification | idolatry | idolization | worship

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Antonyms of love

Animosity | abomination | apathy | coolness | dislike | disloyalty | hate, hatred, loathing, rancor | enmity | ill will | indifference | neglect | misery | sorrow | treachery | unhappiness

Near Antonyms of love

Allergy | abhorrence | animosity | antagonism | antipathy | aversion | disfavor | dislike | disgust | revulsion | repugnance | repulsion | enmity | hostility | misanthropy

The Seven Dimensions of Love – Love Synonym

Love is always the most beautiful reality and practices of this world. It penetrates the world like God. It is hardest to “define” love, but easiest to “know”. We all know what love is. Even an animal knows what love is. Love is therefore the matter of realization and the knowledge of love is knowledge of the universe.

Love is therefore not only an emotion, but also the most profound knowledge that a man can expect to know. As soon as we know love, nothing else is unknown. Yet there is nothing mysterious or complex about love, because even the most innocent person “knows” it without reading a single book.

The knowledge of love requires not only the application of the mind, but also the heart, the soul and the intuition.

The complexity of true love is due to the real fact that love has multiple dimensions. It is like a living being that consists of many body parts. These limbs are connected to each other in such a way that they complement each other. They are all important and integral part of the being when a person becomes lame, even if part of the body goes missing. (Post: Love Synonym)


Love manifests itself in seven different forms. It is like a white ray of light that conceals the spectrum of seven colors. If even a color is missing, love is incomplete. These seven dimensions are described as follows.

1. Love is sensual – Love Synonym

The most primary dimension of love is the body that leads to the satisfaction of the senses. You cannot love someone who cannot be seen or imagined. Sensual love is so important in love that people often use the word “love” together with “lust” that seeks sexual satisfaction. Although pleasure is considered by many to be the lowest manifestation of love, sensuality has been a necessary ingredient in love.

Sufis, for example, developed their love for God through sensuality. They represented God as masculine (or feminine) and themselves as their beloved. The root of idolatry also lies in the man’s need to develop an emotional and sensual bond with God. The religions may ignored the physical dimensions of true love often made their followers heartless and ruthless. People who ignored the physical dimension of love often find no love at all in their lives.

2. Love is compassion – Love Synonym

Aristotle said, “Love consists of a single soul that inhabits two bodies.” It is perhaps the simplest definition of love. When a person loves another person, he shares the person’s pain and happiness as if they share the same soul. This is called compassion, which is defined as “a deep awareness of and sympathy for the suffering of another.” A mother who loves his child cannot tolerate her child’s pain and even give her own life, if that helps to reduce her child’s pain. People often feel possessive about their love because they want to prevent pain to their loved one.

3. Love is care – Love Synonym

Love is not just an emotion that joins people. If you love a person, you do everything to make your loved one happy, because in her happiness lies your happiness. The distinction between bodies disappears for the people in love.

If love does not lead to positive care, it cannot be love. It is for this reason that all religion asked followers to do charity work for the benefit of the poor, because only through positive action can God be satisfied and love to God be manifested.

4. Love is sharing – Love Synonym

Love is not only the sharing of the soul, but also the sharing of worldly things. A family is a always typical unit of love where everyone shares much everything with others. They share the house, their belongings, their furniture and everything that is in the house. Everything belongs to everyone in the family. The distinction between me and them disappears for the people in love.

If you are not willing to share your most valuable thing with your loved one, you certainly do not love that person. A man who loves God always considers everything that belongs to God. That is why he would have no attachment to any of the material goods. He therefore does not hesitate to give his goods to others. Someone who collects wealth or remains attached to wealth cannot love. Likewise, a person who does not wish to share his wealth with the people he loves does not really like it.

5. Love is trust – Love Synonym

Trust is the most important thing in love. How can you distrust someone who shares your own soul? When trust is lacking, love cannot bear it. If you love, you trust your faith. Without trust, love is not possible, because trust is the test of love. It is easy to say that you love someone or to say that you are like two bodies and one soul. Yet it is not simple to put complete faith in your loved one. When a man loves God, he puts complete faith in God, who is called faith. If you love your child, you fully trust him.

6. Love is reverence – Love Synonym

The material world has created hierarchies because every material thing has a beginning and an end and everything is measurable. That is why everything is larger or smaller than others in a measurable criterion. However, the soul is eternal and has no beginning or end. We often respect people who are either older or better informed than we are in the world. Yet all people are the same spiritually, because everyone has the same soul. Yet every soul manifests itself as a different being in this world. Because everyone is designed for a different purpose, everyone is superior to others in some respects. A young child is superior to adults in many ways.

So if you love a person, you also respect him or her for what he or she is. When two people meet in India, they greet each other by folding their hands and calling out the word “Namaste”. The word Namaste consists of two Sanskrit words – namah + te – which means “I bow to that (divinity or soul) inherent in you.”

If you love your child, you respect him as a person for what he is, because you see many good qualities in the child that need to be respected. If you do not respect another person, it simply means that you do not regard that person as better than you in any way. How can you love such a person who is inferior to you in all respects?

Reverence in the highest form takes the form of worship. People who love God therefore worship God because they regard God as the highest form of the soul that is the Supreme in all respects.

7. Love is friendship – Love Synonym

If the souls of the loved ones are one, how can their mind be different? Sharing thoughts or thoughts is called friendship. (Post: Love Synonym)

Friendship is another important dimension of love. Just as you can trust friends in the hour of need, so it is with love. Love is not sustainable without the encounter of mind. Even a religious person who loves God actually develops a kind of friendship with God. He may communicate with God and much understand his thoughts. A man who is in love with his lover knows her thoughts effortlessly.  (Post: Love Synonym)

If you love your child very much, you are also his or her best friend. When you talk to a child, you automatically use his language, style and language to communicate. You play with him like a child. Friendship may transforms you from an adult to near child. The children who love their parents are never impressed by their greatness or unity because they find them on the same level as themselves. So friendship is always present between people who love. (Post: Love Synonym)

What is Love Without All Dimensions – Love Synonym

Most people make mistakes in their understanding of love. A man and a woman may think that love is nothing but physical attraction. Yet such love does not last unless it is complete with its entire dimension. That is why love based on purely physical attraction does not last long unless it is filled with compassion, respect, trust, caring, sharing and friendship. Love for God is no exception.

God cannot be found alone by praying or following the rituals. One must also have compassion for God and develop friendship with Him by knowing his mind. A lover of God must take care of his creations and share them by doing charity and doing good for other people in the world who are all children of God. Love is therefore rightly described as the greatest knowledge of the world, because it is both the means and the goal of everything one wants to learn, feel and know. (Post: Love Synonym)


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