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What are the advantages of setting up a company in Dubai?

What are the advantages of setting up a company in Dubai?

With more than 3000 startup companies, Dubai City has become an ideal location for businesses that are starting. The number of new startups grew by more than 1200 percent between 2014 and 2019, according to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. If you look at these numbers, you’ll be able to understand the reason for so many startups headed to the city and what advantages you can expect by setting up a company in Dubai. We are going to reveal the 10 advantages you will enjoy when you set up a business in Dubai. Let’s get started.

Tax-free system

The primary benefit of starting a business in Dubai is that there is no personal tax as well as a very affordable corporate tax. The rate of income tax in Dubai in 2024 is 5-9 percent for earnings over AED 375,000 per annum. The corporate income tax rate is between 15 and 21 % for both the UK and the USA. When you compare this rate to that of the Dubai tax rates, the simple calculation will show that you will save more. This tax rate is only applicable to mainland businesses. A percentage for Dubai Free Zone companies also reduces the corporate tax rate. When you’re doing export or import business, there are certain exceptions to duty rates, too. Foreigners can establish companies in Dubai to reduce their tax burden while maximizing the potential for profit.

Strategically located geographically

Check out the map to see the strategic location of Dubai. Dubai is in the middle of the UAE, and businesspeople have gained access to Europe, Asia, and Africa via cross-reads. This means that if you’re involved in business dealings with a trade or are thinking of expanding your global reach, there is no other place that can be as lucrative as Dubai to start a new company.

If we think about Dubai International Airport, then it’s one of the most crowded airports around the globe. It is home to thousands of flights on the peak hours. If you are planning to establish a business in hospitality or logistics in Dubai, the chances of earning a profit on the investment will go far beyond your imagination.

Dubai residence

If you’re looking to obtain a Dubai residency, then the easiest way to do so is to establish your business in Dubai. From obtaining a trade license to obtaining a residency license, Prospr will handle it for expats and foreigners alike. After you’ve received a Dubai residence, you can enjoy numerous benefits, including the fact that you can establish a bank account as well as take out a personal or car loan.

The most significant benefit is that you can travel visa-free to other countries like South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. You can sponsor family members once you have obtained the residency permit from Dubai.

Many businesses opportunities

There are a lot of sectors of business that are seeing a surge, including real estate, finance technology, and tourism. Therefore, whether you want to start your own IT company or create an entirely new business set up in the tourism sector, it is possible to discover Dubai as a great place to grow and expand your business. As we mentioned earlier, 3000 startups are currently operating in Dubai. This means that if you’ve got an idea for a tech-based startup or you are considering setting up a small business within the financial services industry, there is an environment that is conducive to your business in Dubai.

High-end infrastructure

Another advantage of setting up an enterprise in Dubai is that you can make the most of Dubai’s top-of-the-line infrastructure. If you have staff on-site or manage the company remotely, a fast internet connection, as well as a modern transportation system, guarantees continuous connectivity. The bustling airport, the sustainable urban design, and modern technology for telecommunications make it a perfect city. It is possible to access everything you require to manage your day-to-day business activities effectively.

World-class aviation facility

If you’re a business executive planning to set up an office for your company in Dubai, you will be fascinated by the airport facility. This is because you’d like to fly between and to Dubai. When you search for the frequency of flights, you discover that Dubai has frequent flights for business. There is easy access to international airports, with thousands of weekly flights.

The registered business address serves as the official location for legal and administrative purposes, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating communication with stakeholders.

Commercial spaces with advanced technology

To obtain a trade license for Dubai, it is necessary to establish an office there. One of the benefits you gain by company formation in Dubai is the ability to access an array of affordable commercial space. The trend for plug-and-play offices is a big thing in Dubai. Co-working spaces are becoming widespread, which means that choosing the best commercial space to manage your business won’t be an issue.

Simple visa process

We’ve already told you that Dubai welcomes entrepreneurs. Therefore, if you want to seek an employment and residential visa, the entire process is quick and easy. You can lease or rent an apartment or move around once you have obtained the visa.

A diverse workforce and a consumer market

Another advantage of establishing a business in Dubai is that it allows you to profit from an extensive consumer market. With an estimated 3.3 million inhabitants and a strategic geographical area, Dubai will enable entrepreneurs to tap into a broad market. They could draw a diverse population of expats as their market of choice and increase the scale of their business. In terms of the workers’ concerns, companies can easily access a competent worker in Dubai.

Policies that are business-friendly

Dubai implemented innovative policies to help companies of all types and sizes. If you’re just starting your own business, you can count on assistance and support through the Dubai SME agency. Dubai SME agency. Business in the free zone allows to receive 100% foreign ownership.

The city introduced the golden visa to draw freelancers. Furthermore, the Dubai government has introduced an investor protection policy to ensure that entrepreneurs can start their businesses in Dubai without trepidation and with confidence. The entire process of setting up a business is easy and hassle-free once you have the assistance of an expert in business consulting in Dubai like Prospr.

The stability of the legal system in this city is a further draw that draws business investors and venture capitalists. Policies and practices that are business-friendly let entrepreneurs start new ventures quickly and with confidence.

Why Dubai is the best to start a business? – Wrap up

In the end, you are aware of the advantages of setting up a business in Dubai. Suppose you are planning to establish an individual business or an enterprise of a larger size. In that case, the city will be welcoming the business community with open policies, an easy visa procedure, a futuristic infrastructure, and aviation facilities.

Got it! Here’s a general description:

Amidst the bustling streets, nestled discreetly, is a small business the best thriving with passion and dedication, where every customer is greeted with a smile and every product is crafted with care.

Do you have any concerns about starting a business in Dubai? If so, Prosper provides the most influential business consulting in Dubai. Our business experts will be able to assist you with all your queries and help you set up the new business. Contact us now to book your business consultation!


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