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Habits That Can Help Tackle The Menace Of Fast Fashion

Habits That Can Help Tackle The Menace Of Fast Fashion

Menace Of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is the latest trend in the fashion industry, where clothes are produced fast, at low cost, and in keeping with the changing trends. Fast fashion is appealing to the youth for several reasons. The clothes are cheap; hence even college goers or new recruits can afford to buy them. The clothes are in sync with the latest fashion trend, and thus they provide instant gratification. 

However, this fast fashion has a tremendous environmental cost. For instance, large amounts of water are required to cultivate fibers like cotton. If garments use pure animal leather, it might be at the expense of wildlife and biodiversity. Apart from this, the mass production of clothes consumes enormous amounts of electricity in cloth factories. Also, since trends change so fast, the clothes are often underutilized, producing a pile of garbage in very little time, straining the waste disposal systems of the cities.

5 Habits Everybody Should Adopt To Tackle The Challenges Posed By Fast Fashion

Buying Reused Clothes

There may be several reasons why people choose to sell their clothes. Some people do it because they want to make some quick money. Others sell their clothes because the size does not fit them anymore. Some individuals sell because the clothes go out of fashion. Whatever the reason for selling clothes, it is always better than throwing them away after using them for just a few months. Zagumi sells second-hand garments at affordable prices and of the best quality. Thus, one good way of fighting fast fashion is to go for  Zagumi used clothing.

Also, people who do not want to buy used clothes can swap clothes with their friends or siblings. Swapping garments ensures that the garment is not underutilized and it does not reach the garbage dump before it is torn or unusable.

Checking The Brand Before Buying Clothes

Some global brands sell clothes that are environmentally and socially sustainable. These brands ensure that the fiber they used or the weaving process they followed did not harm the soil or exploit human labor. Some brands are also experimenting with newer fabrics and yarns for their outfits. For instance, biological polymer-based garments release significantly less amount of greenhouse gasses than plastic-made ones.

Fiber made of corn residues or sugarcane residues is the latest trend that is sustainable and worth trying. Although it might be inconvenient to look for such brands, creating demand will spur more such brands. Thus, vigilant individuals should try to buy from brands that do not harm their biodiversity and also share a part of their profits towards environmental well-being.

Consciously Try To Buy Less

People subconsciously fall victim to the fast fashion trend. The new trendy clothes are well advertised, and people may buy them if they do not consciously try to resist the temptations. People need to realize that they do not need to wear something new for every occasion. In fact, some celebrities have also repeated their clothes which can boost more individuals to do the same. 

Go For Brands That Have Buyback Programs

Some brands have a buyback program for the garments that they sell. These brands have something called a zero waste to the landfill policy. Hence, whenever a customer returns an original product to the brand, they recycle it to create new products. Such buyback programs make recycling highly convenient. 

A person simply has to visit the store from where they bought the old outfit, and they can return it there. When an old product is returned, a specific percentage discount is allowed on the next purchase from the same brand. Thus, going for buyback programs is not only sustainable, but they can also save costs on the next purchase.

Join An Awareness Campaign That Aims To Deal With The Challenges Of Fast Fashion

Conscious individuals can do much more than making sustainable choices themselves. They can join awareness campaigns to spread the right message in society. Making a large number of people aware of the consequences of their lifestyle choices can help bring a change in how the fashion industry works. When the public buys only sustainable products and rejects the fast fashion trend, the demand for the fast fashion culture will decline. When the market falls, the manufacturers will be bound to make more prudent decisions about their manufacturing choices.

Menace Of Fast Fashion


Globally, it is predicted that the purchase of garments will see a 60% rise within the next decade. Thus, about 100 million metric tonnes of clothes will be consumed. If the fashion industry does not make a change and continues producing in an unsustainable manner, then the environmental costs will be huge. Thus, a concerted effort is the need of the moment if the clothes and shoes are not to threaten the planet.

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