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5 of the Greatest Digital Spectaculars of All Time

5 of the Greatest Digital Spectaculars of All Time

Digital advertising has been all the rage these days. We’ll be taking a look at the five greatest digital spectaculars of all time. If you have no idea what they are, take a look at one place in the world that displays them: New York City near Times Square.

You’ll see spectaculars like what you’ll see on this list. So what exactly is a digital pectacular? We’ll briefly explain it before getting into the list itself.

So let’s get right to that now.

What is a digital spectacular?

A digital spectacular is made up of digital video screens. Think of it like a huge billboard that is not like the average one you see on roadways. This has custom lighting, audio, and social media interactivity so you can be part of the action.

These are seen in front of a broad audience and are found in high traffic areas (i.e – Times Square in New York). It’s bright, makes noise, and is designed to get your attention just like any other ad out there. 

5 of the Greatest Digital Spectaculars of All Time

So now that you know what a digital spectacular is, let’s take a look at the following x that are considered the greatest up to this point. Here’s what they are:

  1. Fortnite teams up with Balenciaga

This spectacular features the popular video game Fortnite teaming up with Balenciaga, a luxury fashion brand based in Spain. The two created eye-popping 3D spectaculars to promote each other.

These were placed in New York, Seoul, and London. This turned into a lifelike billboard that grabs your attention. It was put together by Unreal Engine and used a lot of lighting materials to make the Fortnite Dog Character look like he’s actually there on location.

  1. The Wheel Of Time In London

Amazon Prime has a show named ‘The Wheel Of Time’. This is another 3D spectacular that features a hand reaching out as if it were to touch someone. It was located in London’s Piccadilly Circus and was a promotion for the show launching in November of last year.

There were plans of including digital spectaculars in Times Square and in Cross Shinjuku in Tokyo. This was put together by advertising firm Amplify, which has worked with big name clients such as AirBnB and Google. They have used plenty of high-tech awesomeness such as green screen, VFX, and CGI among others.

  1. Deliveroo In 3D

Deliveroo has put together a digital spectacular that caught the attention and stoked the hunger of many people in London. They put this together as part of their ‘Food. We get it’ campaign. Like the Wheel Of Time ad, it was situated in London’s Piccadilly Circus.

It included a taco, a garlic bulb, and a piece of avocado as part of the spectacle. Now, you probably won’t touch it or let alone taste it. But it may have been enough to make someone walking through London a little hungry for tacos (or something else).

  1. Where Next?

Piccadilly Circus may seem like the hotbed for awesome spectaculars. This features scotch brand Glenfiddich that asks them ‘Where Next?’ What makes this outstanding is if people stick around long enough to watch it play out, you’ll see the stag jump right out.

If there’s one thing about spectaculars, they can be 3D and can capture the attention or the ‘awws’ and ‘oohs’ of the audience. Could it be enough for them to have a glass of scotch? Who knows?

  1. Fendi takes over Times Square

Italian fashion brand Fendi decided to put together their digital spectacular in a way where it completely took over New York’s Times Square. This took a grand total of 45 screens to light up the place in their signature yellow to promote their brand. In fact, it was believed that their campaign was a clever way to one up their fashion rival Gucci.

This campaign generated millions of impressions while it was on display. What better place to execute such a campaign quite like the place that is considered ‘The Center of the Universe’. Fendi certainly put their names out there with this spectacular and it may be a name worth watching for.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the greatest digital spectaculars of all time, it may be a matter of time before the list changes. These five have been memorable for grabbing people’s attention. As a result, it may have generated more sales than ever before.

Digital spectaculars have already established themselves as the future in advertising. With many lights, special effects, and attention grabbing abilities, it may put regular billboards to shame. Who will come up with the next digital spectacular of all time?

Only time will certainly tell. So pay attention to places like Times Square or Picadilly Circus among other places and you might see the next one.

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5 of the Greatest Digital Spectaculars of All Time

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