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Which are the Best Large Dog Breeds for Families

Which are the Best Large Dog Breeds for Families

Which are the Best Large Dog Breeds for Families

Which are the Best Large Dog Breeds for Families
Large Dog Breeds

Since I was young, I have always had a soft spot for dogs. And this is not just for large dog breeds, I also have lived with smaller and medium pooches as I grew up with my grandparents who had a large barn. So they always relied on canines to help out in the field. But while I’m not going to be discussing my personal experience growing up with dogs, I will be discussing more on the best large dog breeds you can trust to be well behaved in the home. So if you are planning on getting a new pet for the family, you surely want to stick around till the last section of this piece.

Why Adopt Large Dog Breeds?

There are many reasons why people decide to adopt a pet. For the majority, they desire an animal companion to have around. And this is not just because dogs are man’s best friend. It could also be for many reasons best known to the individual. But if you aren’t sure why people go for large dog breeds, I have summarized some of the top reasons below.

A Good Security Guard

One thing you notice quickly about police dogs is that they are large. And this will undoubtedly be the right choice to make if you are looking to adopt one to help secure the perimeter around your house. You will agree that the bark from a large dog will surely send shivers down the spine of even the most seasoned criminals. This doesn’t mean that they will be hostile to regular visitors to the home. What matters most is your ability to train and care for them. You can check this link for some of the best security dogs for the home.

A Good Assistant

Another reason many people opt for large dog breeds is due to the fact they can make the best personal assistants. You will agree with this if you have seen companion dogs with blind and elderly people. You will notice that they are on the medium to large build. It is no brainer as smaller breeds won’t be able to manage the challenges of navigating an elderly person. A kid maybe, but certainly not an adult.

Great for Cuddling

If you like to snuggle up to a pet and warm up to a hefty body canine, you want to opt for large breeds. They are a good option for homes with kids as you will find that the young ones love hugging them. And what’s more, the pooch loves this even more.

Best Large Dog Breeds for Families

Now that we have examined some reasons why many people opt for husky canines, I have reviewed some large dogs that are ideal for homes and families. So if you are looking at medium dog breeds or extensively sized canines to adopt, you want to browse through the list below.

Golden Retriever

Goldens are top on the list for dogs that are loved by families. And if you have seen one before, you will agree that they do have an extensive stature. They do have a loving personality and will surely come across as super sweet canines. They are equally intelligent and patient and do well around kids and adults. Although they may not be quick to warm up to strangers, they do a great job of taking commands from their owners. This is one good reason why they are great for search and rescue, companionship, and therapy pets.

Alaskan Malamute

Large Dog Breeds

This breed will work better if you have a barn you need assistance with keeping organized. Originally bred for hunting, this gentle giant could be the best large pet companion to have in the family. They do have an overly friendly nature towards strangers which means they are not the best choice if you are looking for a guard dog to secure your premises. But they do have a dominating stature that will surely keep rodents and smaller animals away from your perimeter.

German Shepherd

Commonly referred to as police dogs, German Shepherds are known to do a great job at search and rescue. Their hardworking and intelligence have earned them a spot on the top list of service dogs. These large breeds of dogs are ideal for assisting the elderly and people who need help with mobility. They are equally loving and loyal which makes them a good addition to the family.

Great Dane

Loyalty is what the Great Dane is most loved for. And weighing more than 200 pounds when it reaches maturity, you can expect that they do have an intimidating stature. These gentle giants are excellent around kids. But you want to be careful not to leave them alone with kids as they can knock the young one over with their large size. You will need to get them enough exercise to maintain their stature once they come out of puppyhood. So it helps if you have a backyard space where they can run around to stay in shape.


Okay, you may have heard some not too good things about rotts, but not until you have lived with them will you understand that they are great companions. Although they are better in a home with older kids, as they tend to play more energetically and aggressively which could be harmful to little ones. They were bred originally for herding cattle, so it is common for them to get the urge to give running kids a hot chase. So you want to be careful releasing them alone in the yard without supervision.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernie’s as they are often called are a large breed of mountain dogs known to help rescue people out of challenging situations in the Swiss Alps. And this caring and protective nature have earned them a spot on the list of large breeds of dogs that are great for kids and families. They love to be included in family activities. So you want to take them along for a hiking or camping trip, and ensure to bring along all the fun and excitement required for the best bonding time with your pet. You can find more tips on this website on how to bond with pets.


If what you want is a large dog with a lot of activity, the boxer could be the ideal pet to work with. They are loving and playful which can be a lot to take in for people who get intimidated by their massive stature. They love company and will surely want to spend time with the family. Kids will also love cuddling up to their soft heavy coats. So you want to consider them if you want a pet the kids will love and will be fun to have around the house.

Final Note

When it comes to choosing the right dog for you, there are several aspects you want to examine. You want to consider each breed’s traits, size, grooming, feeding, and health needs. Large dog breeds tend to be more expensive to maintain, and some are prone to specific health issues. Purchasing coverage from a reliable pet insurance company like Bivvy can help you mitigate some of the routine vet-related expenses and protect your pet in case of an accident or illness. You must be prepared to provide the proper care for your pet’s well-being. Thus, ensuring it lives a healthy and happy life.


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