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How to Record Your Screen Using iTop Screen Recorder

How to Record Your Screen Using iTop Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is one of the tools that we can use for the activities we are working on on the laptop/computer screen. Of the many choices of tools scattered on the internet, we think this Screen Recorder is one of the best with all the advantages it has.

One of the things we like about this tool is that even though it’s free, we won’t see a watermark on the screen recording we have run. This will improve content-sharing since the watermark won’t appear elsewhere. Your footage will always be clean, and it can be re-shared to any social media network you wish.

iTop Screen Recorder Featured Features

Flexible Screen Capture

We are given the freedom to choose which areas can be recorded. Whether we want to record full screen or only part of it, we can do it with this tool. It is enough that we select or specify the area we want to record, and then this tool will start recording the area we selected.

Facecam Recording

This tool also allows us to do screen recordings accompanied by a recap of our activities through the facecam (camera).

We can usually use this feature to stream games, record video tutorials, presentations, and other activities that require us to record the screen while showing our faces through the camera. So, you don’t have to install another app just to make your own facecam. This all-in-one screen recorder for PC already has all you need.

No Lagging When HD Recording

With the development of features that are constantly updated, this tool can maximize its performance in recording the best quality without having to worry about traffic jams.

Take Screenshot When Recording

This is quite a helpful feature. When we are doing screen recording, this tool really allows us to take screenshots without disturbing the recording.

Multiple Output / Convert Formats

There are many options for formatting recordings using this tool so that we can be free to choose the format we want and need.

Record Audio Flexibility

iTop Screen Recorder allows us to choose to receive voice input through the system only or through the microphone, or even both. So if you’re wondering about the solution to how to record Zoom meeting, this can definitely be your best solution.

How to Record Screen Using iTop Screen Recorder

If this is your first time using the program, here’s what you need to do to screen record on your desktop:

1. Configure The Preferences

We first select the area we want to record. You can select the whole screen, or some of it.

2. Start the Recording

If the area to be recorded has been determined, then start recording.

3. Save and Edit

After finishing recording, we can do some editing before saving the recorded video.


iTop Screen Recorder is a reliable screen recorder for PC with all the features they offer, and we think it’s enough to meet our needs if it’s just for screen recording. It’s worth it for results with quality that can reach 1080p with 120 FPS, and of course, it’s easy to use.

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