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Which shoes to wear with orthotics?

Which shoes to wear with orthotics?

wear with orthotics

Orthotics are, in general, devices that help with the pain relief of the feet. They can be the footwear itself or even the shoe inserts. But instead of buying a shoe for the orthotics, most people will go with the inserts. With them, you can wear the orthotics without thinking about the appearance of the shoes.

For example, you can wear them with your running shoes or with your everyday sandals. Orthotics are made with special materials that are different from your regular shoes. For example, memory foam and other foams are used. They provide flexibility as well as stability. The foot inserts made with ScientiFeet are as comfortable and versatile as anything else.

With the orthotics, there’s another concern that will make headlines: which shoes to wear? Well, there are different kinds of shoes that you can wear with orthotics. Most people will only suggest running shoes, but you can incorporate the orthotics into any sort of shoe. In this article, we’ll include different sorts of shoes that you can wear with the orthotics.

Which shoes to wear with orthotics?

Here we are including 8 different sorts of shoes that can be worn with orthotics. You can make a custom insert for the shoes and place it as you go. You might want to get five to six types of inserts to wear with different shoes.


When you think about the orthotic inserts, the first thing that comes to mind is the sneakers. These shoes are perfect to run around in. And as they have a good grip on the feet, they also make the shoes very comfortable. Most people will feel foot pain when they are running around. And these orthotics will help you with that. For the first few weeks after getting the orthotics, try to walk on them rather than run around.

Formal shoes

If you’re a professional, then the most common shoes that you might wear would be formal shoes. For women and men, formal shoes are perfect to place your orthotics in. Mostly, you can wear any formal shoe with the orthotics, as they have similar builds. These will make your regular errands easy. Try to buy relatively loose shoes, so the orthotics don’t feel too crampy on the leg. So instead of tight shoes, opt for airy ones. This will easily let your orthotics shine.


When you think about orthotics, the most common thing would be comfortable shoes. But that shouldn’t concern ugly or basic shoes all the time. The pumps or ballet flats are the perfect example of where to place the orthotics. These shoes give you a sort of fashionable outlook, but they are also perfect for placing your orthotics. So while buying the shoes, go with comfortable pumps and then place the orthotics inside.


If you love the boot trend, then you’ll love wearing your orthotic shoes with them. The boots are usually comfortable in the winter and fall, and they are a staple in some countries. For boots, you might want to get custom orthotics so they fit perfectly inside. The foot placement should be comfortable, as you might wear the boots for a long time. Even when you go for hikes, the orthotics in the boots are most comfortable.


Well, most people will opt for the sandals to be worn with the orthotics. But even when the sandals are open from each end, you can still place custom orthotics on the sole. For example, some custom insoles can come with tape that will adhere the sole in place. These tapes are replaceable, and you can stick them to any of your shoes. Flip-flops or sandals are perfect to wear every day, and so are the orthotics.


The mules are the most underrated of all the shoes. These are airy and comfortable at the same time. There are different varieties of mules, but my favorite would be the fur ones. They are perfect for the winter. If you like to go on walks, these shoes would be perfect. You can easily place the orthotics inside a mule. Just make sure that they have gripping techniques, and you are good to go.

Wedge shoes

For women, if regular heels are not an option, then surely the wedge shoes are perfect for orthotics. They tend to give a more stable height, and they are not painful to walk. These shoes tend to take the perfect stance and will address all the health concerns.

Final Thoughts

The shoes to wear with orthotics shouldn’t need to be conservative all the time. They can be fun and stylish at the same time, you just have to find the right orthotics to be placed in the same shoe. This allows them to grab the shoes and feel them properly. The orthotics can also decrease the pain in the heels if worn correctly.

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