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4 Things You Should Not Do While Designing Your Business Cards

4 Things You Should Not Do While Designing Your Business Cards

4 Things You Should Not Do While Designing Your Business Cards

While designing business cards, don’t forget they serve a purpose. A business card should make your company look professional so that your potential customers can build a relationship with your brand.

People notice a lot of things during trade shows or events. Therefore, they might forget the logo or name of your business easily. Hence, you might lose potential leads of conversion to promote your business. This is why you need to create business cards to enhance the growth of your company.

The space on the cards is limited for you to showcase all the skills. Additionally, poorly designed cards will create a negative impression about your company that would be hard to overcome. Poor business card designs are not only unprofessional but also drive potential customers away from your brand. Hence, make sure the design of the card is appealing. Here are the top 4 mistakes you need to avoid while designing your business cards.

You Miss the Contact Information

People need the contact details to connect with your business. An attractive design might capture the attention of your customers. But they will throw it away if you forget to include the necessary contact details of your business.

This is because business cards without contact details are worthless. Before you start determining the design, make sure you include relevant contact information such as:

  • Name of the business
  • Name of the owner
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Website URL
  • Job title
  • Social media profiles

As people have different preferences of communication methods, make sure you include multiple channels to capture their interest.

You Include Backdates Information

Would you contact and build engagement with a business owner who provided you irrelevant or out-of-service contact number? How about the business information that has been erased and overwritten by hands? No one will work hard to get in touch with your business. Instead, they will approach your competitors.

There are many other benefits that you could reap when you invest in your business or in someone else’s company, such as a company that specializes in construction takeoff services.

Make sure you don’t distribute the business cards that contain backdated information. Business cards are known as affordable investments with massive impact. People won’t engage with someone unprofessional while investing in cards.

Lack of Branding

Playing safe with your business cards with generic visuals is one of the most common business card designing mistakes. Potential customers will read cards that contain distinctive branding. This helps them to stand apart from their competitors. As per Forbes, your business needs branding to get recognized. Get more at groovy bot.

Instead of using the stock clipart, showcase the brand colors and brand logo of your business. Make sure the overall design is appealing and relevant as per your store, website, and offerings. Branding your business cards will encourage customers and create recognition for your business.

The Prints are Unreadable

This is another common mistake business owners make while designing their business cards. Remember that people won’t walk with a magnifying glass to read the content on your cards. Tiny fonts put a strain on the eye, so as the shrinking words. Make sure you use effective business card templates to optimize the space without sacrificing legibility. Same as business cards, Print MTG Cards also provide high-quality MTG proxies that rival the feel and durability of real cards. However, remember that too much creativity will also look bad. Decorative fonts are hard to interpret.

However, remember that too much creativity will also look bad. Decorative fonts are hard to interpret.


These are the top 4 things you should not do while designing your cards. Business cards might look simple, but designing them requires extensive effort and time. To make your investment worth the money, make sure you work with a reputed company to create business cards.

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