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How long do orbeez take to grow?

How long do orbeez take to grow?

How Long Do Orbeez Take to Grow: A Complete Guide


Orbeez, those tiny water-absorbing beads, have captured the fascination of people young and old. These squishy, colorful beads start as small pellets and transform into vibrant, bouncy orbs when soaked in water. But how long do orbeez take to grow? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the world of orbeez, exploring their growth process, expert insights, and answers to common questions. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or simply curious, this article will provide you with all the information you need about the fascinating growth journey of orbeez.

How Long Do Orbeez Take to Grow?

The growth time of orbeez can vary depending on various factors, including the type of orbeez, water temperature, and desired size. Here’s a general guideline for how long it takes for orbeez to grow:

1. Initial Absorption: 4-6 hours

When you place dry orbeez in water, they’ll start absorbing water almost immediately. After about 4-6 hours, you’ll notice them swelling and increasing in size.

2. Full Expansion: 12-24 hours

For orbeez to reach their full size, it usually takes around 12 to 24 hours. During this time, they’ll absorb water and grow significantly larger.

3. Maximum Size: 48-72 hours

Although orbeez can reach their full size in 12-24 hours, they may continue to absorb water for up to 48-72 hours. After this period, they won’t grow much more.

4. Sensory Play: Indefinite

Once fully grown, orbeez provide endless sensory play opportunities. They can be used for various activities, from decoration to stress relief.

Tips for Growing Orbeez Successfully

  • Use Distilled Water: Using distilled water can lead to better results, as it doesn’t contain impurities that might affect the absorption process.
  • Follow Instructions: Always follow the instructions provided with the orbeez kit, as different types may have varying growth times.
  • Experiment with Colors: Mixing different colored orbeez can create visually stunning effects once they’re fully grown.
  • Avoid Over-Soaking: Be cautious not to over-soak orbeez, as they might burst if they absorb too much water.


Can you speed up orbeez growth?

Yes, placing orbeez in warm water can accelerate the absorption process and reduce growth time.

Can you reuse orbeez?

Yes, you can reuse orbeez by drying them out and storing them properly. They will return to their original small size and can be used again.

Do orbeez ever stop growing?

Orbeez will stop growing after reaching their maximum size, which is usually within 48-72 hours of being soaked in water.

Can I eat orbeez?

No, orbeez are not edible. They are made of a superabsorbent polymer and are meant for sensory play, not consumption.

Can orbeez be harmful?

Orbeez are generally safe, but they should be kept away from young children who might swallow them. If ingested, seek medical attention.

Can you freeze orbeez?

Yes, you can freeze fully grown orbeez for a unique sensory experience. However, freezing them may cause them to burst.


Now that you know how long do orbeez take to grow, you can embark on a colorful and mesmerizing journey of sensory play. These tiny water-absorbing beads offer endless possibilities for creative activities and decorations. Remember to follow the recommended guidelines, experiment with colors, and enjoy the unique texture and beauty of fully grown orbeez.

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