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How to earn money in monopoly go

How to earn money in monopoly go


Monopoly Go, a modern twist on the classic board game, offers a thrilling experience where players race against time to buy properties, upgrade them, and earn money. If you’re looking for ways to outmaneuver your opponents and amass substantial wealth in Monopoly Go, you’re in the right place. This article will guide you through proven strategies to help you conquer the game.

Monopoly Go is an exciting variation of the traditional Monopoly game, where time is of the essence. In this fast-paced version, the key to success lies in efficient decision-making and resource management. Utilizing the right tactics can significantly enhance your earnings and lead you to victory.

Key Strategies for Success

Mastering Monopoly Go requires a blend of strategic thinking, quick decision-making, and a bit of luck. Here are the key strategies to help you excel in the game:

For a comprehensive guide on the rules and gameplay of Monopoly Go, check out this Monopoly Go rules and gameplay guide.

1. Property Acquisition and Upgrades

Acquiring properties early in the game is crucial. Invest in a variety of properties to diversify your portfolio. Upgrade them strategically to increase their earning potential. The more upgraded properties you have, the more money you can generate.

2. Time Management

In Monopoly Go, time is your greatest asset. Be efficient with your moves and decisions. Don’t hesitate to use power-ups to extend your turn or speed up property upgrades. Every second counts in this fast-paced version.

3. Strategic Trading

Engage in shrewd trading with fellow players. Make deals that benefit you in the long run. Trade properties strategically to complete sets and gain bonus income. Smart trading can give you a significant advantage.

4. Utilize Power-Ups Strategically

Monopoly Go offers a range of power-ups that can significantly influence the game’s outcome. These power-ups can extend your turn, multiply your earnings, or speed up upgrades. Utilize them strategically to gain the upper hand. Saving power-ups for crucial moments, like when nearing a high-earning property or during events, can be a game-changer.

For a detailed guide on the types of power-ups and how to use them effectively, check out this Monopoly Go power-ups guide.

5. Watch Your Opponents Closely

Understanding your opponents’ strategies is vital for success. Monitor their movements, property acquisitions, and upgrades. If you notice a particular opponent investing heavily in a property type, consider diversifying your portfolio to avoid direct competition. Adaptability based on your opponents’ actions can give you a significant advantage.

6. Plan for Late-Game Success

While early-game strategies are crucial, planning for late-game success is equally important. Consider the potential earnings of properties at higher upgrade levels. Strategically invest in properties that can yield substantial returns as the game progresses. Balancing early gains with long-term vision is the key to emerging victorious.

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Tips for Optimizing Earnings

Boosting your earnings in Monopoly Go involves maximizing your strategies. Here are some additional tips to optimize your financial gains:

1. Utilize Multipliers Wisely

Multipliers can substantially increase your property income. Use them strategically on high-earning properties to boost your earnings and get ahead of your opponents.

2. Take Advantage of Events

Events in Monopoly Go can provide opportunities for extra income or property upgrades. Be prepared to adapt your strategy based on the events and use them to your advantage.

For a deeper understanding of events and how to make the most of them in Monopoly Go, check out this Monopoly Go events guide.

How to Earn Money in Monopoly Go: FAQs

Can I win Monopoly Go without upgrading properties?

While it’s technically possible, upgrading properties significantly increases your earning potential, giving you a substantial advantage over opponents.

For more insights on winning Monopoly Go without property upgrades, check out this guide on winning without upgrades.

Is Monopoly Go purely luck-based?

While luck plays a part, strategic decision-making and efficient use of resources heavily influence the outcome of the game.

For a deeper understanding of luck versus strategy in Monopoly Go, check out this analysis on luck vs. strategy.


Earning money in Monopoly Go involves strategic planning, efficient time management, and smart trading. By acquiring and upgrading properties, managing your time wisely, and utilizing multipliers and events, you can enhance your earnings and increase your chances of winning. Remember, in Monopoly Go, every second counts on your path to victory.

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