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How to Get Catfruit Seeds in Battle Cats

How to Get Catfruit Seeds in Battle Cats

If you’re an avid Battle Cats player in the United Kingdom, you’re probably familiar with the significance of Catfruit Seeds in enhancing your feline warriors. These elusive seeds are a vital resource, contributing to the growth and development of your battle-ready cats. In this guide, we’ll unravel the strategies and methods to acquire Catfruit Seeds efficiently, ensuring that your Battle Cats team reaches its full potential.

Understanding Catfruit Seeds

Catfruit Seeds play a pivotal role in the Battle Cats universe. They are essential for evolving and awakening your cats, granting them new abilities, increased stats, and improved combat effectiveness. Each seed corresponds to a specific type of cat, making them a valuable asset in your quest to conquer battles and challenges.

1. Completing Special Stages

One of the primary ways to obtain Catfruit Seeds is by conquering special stages within the game. These stages often feature unique challenges and opponents, requiring you to deploy strategic tactics and unleash your Battle Cats’ potential. Successfully completing these stages can reward you with Catfruit Seeds, allowing you to further empower your feline warriors.

2. Participating in Time-Limited Events

Battle Cats frequently hosts time-limited events that offer players the opportunity to earn various rewards, including Catfruit Seeds. Keep an eye on event announcements and actively participate to reap the benefits. Engaging in these events not only adds excitement to the gameplay but also grants you access to valuable resources.

3. Clearing Advent Stages

Advent Stages present formidable challenges that test your Battle Cats’ capabilities. Overcoming these stages requires careful planning and strategic deployment. The rewards for conquering Advent Stages often include Catfruit Seeds, making them a valuable source for enhancing your cats’ potential.

4. Exchanging Rare Cat Tickets

Rare Cat Tickets are valuable assets that can be exchanged for various rewards, including Catfruit Seeds. Accumulate these tickets through gameplay, events, or special promotions, and then redeem them to bolster your cat collection and accelerate their growth.

5. Utilizing Catfruit Buffet

Catfruit Buffet is a feature that allows you to exchange specific items, including Catfruit Seeds, in exchange for other resources. This feature provides a flexible approach to acquiring the seeds you need to empower your Battle Cats team.

6. Participating in Collaborative Events

Collaborative events often feature crossover content from other franchises. Participating in these events not only adds a unique twist to your Battle Cats experience but also offers opportunities to earn Catfruit Seeds and other valuable rewards.

7. Patience and Persistence

Acquiring Catfruit Seeds requires dedication and perseverance. As you progress through the game, consistently engage in special stages, events, and challenges to accumulate the seeds needed for your cats’ evolution.


In the world of Battle Cats, Catfruit Seeds are a precious resource that contributes to the growth and strength of your feline companions. By strategically participating in special stages, events, and utilizing various in-game features, you can amass these seeds and empower your Battle Cats team to overcome formidable foes and achieve victory.

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