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How to get mythical epics in prodigy for free

How to get mythical epics in prodigy for free


Prodigy, the popular educational game, offers a world of math and magic, where players can explore, battle, and learn. Among the many exciting features of Prodigy are mythical epics—rare creatures that can be added to your team. But how can you obtain these legendary beings without spending a dime? In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the secrets of acquiring mythical epics in Prodigy for free.

The Quest for Mythical Epics

Unlocking mythical epics requires strategy, time, and a bit of luck. Below, we outline the steps to embark on your quest for these legendary creatures.

1. Master the Basics

Before diving into epic hunts, make sure you’ve mastered the fundamentals of Prodigy. Complete in-game tasks, hone your math skills, and level up your wizard.

2. Participate in Events

Prodigy hosts various events throughout the year, often with opportunities to earn mythical epics. Keep an eye on event announcements, participate actively, and follow event-specific guides to maximize your rewards.

3. Solve Riddles and Puzzles

Some mythical epics are hidden behind riddles and puzzles scattered across Prodigy’s world. Be an inquisitive explorer, interact with characters, and decipher clues to uncover these hidden treasures.

4. Battle Legendary Creatures

Certain epic creatures can only be obtained by defeating other legendary beings. Train your team, challenge powerful foes, and emerge victorious to claim your reward.

5. Explore the Academy

The Prodigy Academy often offers quests that lead to epic encounters. Complete these quests diligently to earn your mythical companions.

6. Utilize In-Game Currency

Earning in-game currency, such as stars, can help you purchase mythical epics from in-game shops. Save your stars for epic creatures that align with your strategy.

7. Daily Rewards

Log in daily to receive rewards. Occasionally, these rewards may include mythical creatures. Consistent play can increase your chances of obtaining them.

8. Join Prodigy Communities

Connect with the Prodigy community. Online forums, social media groups, and fan communities often share tips, tricks, and opportunities for acquiring mythical epics.

Useful Resource Links

  1. Prodigy Official Website: The official website often announces events and updates where you can earn mythical epics. Prodigy Official Website
  2. Prodigy Community Forums: Join the Prodigy community forums to connect with other players, ask questions, and share strategies. You might find valuable insights here. Prodigy Community Forums
  3. Prodigy Social Media: Follow Prodigy on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on events and announcements. They occasionally share event-specific guides. Prodigy Facebook | Prodigy Twitter
  4. Prodigy Wiki: The Prodigy Wiki contains a wealth of information about the game, including details about mythical epics, quests, and more. Prodigy Wiki
  5. Prodigy Subreddit: Join the Prodigy subreddit to discuss the game, share strategies, and learn from other players’ experiences. Prodigy Subreddit
  6. YouTube Tutorials: Many players and educators create YouTube tutorials and guides for Prodigy. Search for specific topics or strategies to enhance your gameplay.
  7. Prodigy Discord Communities: Some Discord servers are dedicated to Prodigy discussions. Join these communities to chat with other players and stay updated on events. You can find these servers through Discord search or on the Prodigy subreddit.

Remember to explore these resources and stay engaged with the Prodigy community to maximize your chances of obtaining mythical epics for free. Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I trade mythical epics with other players?

No, Prodigy does not currently support trading mythical epics between players.

Are there specific events that frequently offer mythical epics?

Prodigy frequently hosts events during Halloween and other holidays, which often include opportunities to earn mythical creatures.

Can I purchase mythical epics with real money?

No, Prodigy does not offer the option to purchase mythical epics with real currency. All methods mentioned here are free.

Do I need a premium membership to get mythical epics?

While a premium membership provides some advantages, you can still obtain mythical epics for free by following the strategies outlined in this guide.

How many mythical epics can I have in my team?

You can have up to four mythical epics in your team at a time. Strategically choose which ones complement your gameplay.

Can I lose my mythical epics in battles?

Yes, if your mythical epics are defeated in battles, you may need to revive them using in-game currency.


In the enchanting world of Prodigy, acquiring mythical epics is a rewarding journey that combines learning and adventure. By mastering the game’s mechanics, participating in events, and exploring every nook and cranny of the Prodigy universe, you can assemble a formidable team of mythical creatures—all without spending a single cent.

Remember to stay engaged with the Prodigy community, as they often share valuable insights and event updates. With patience and persistence, you’ll soon find yourself in possession of powerful mythical epics that enhance your Prodigy experience.

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