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How to get rid of a ouija board

How to get rid of a ouija board


Ouija boards have long intrigued people as a tool to communicate with the spirit world. However, their use comes with potential risks and concerns. Whether you’re looking to dispose of a Ouija board due to unsettling experiences or simply want to ensure its safe removal, this comprehensive guide provides insights, tips, and steps to follow.

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Understanding the Ouija Board

1. What is a Ouija Board?

Learn about the history and purpose of Ouija boards, and why they have both fascinated and unsettled people for generations.

2. Potential Dangers

Understand the potential psychological and emotional risks associated with using Ouija boards, and why some people choose to get rid of them.

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Methods for Disposal

1. Treating the Ouija Board Respectfully

Before disposal, consider treating the Ouija board with respect by thanking any spirits that may have been contacted.

2. Sealing and Wrapping

Seal the Ouija board in a protective covering and consider wrapping it in cloth before disposal.

Steps for Safe Disposal

1. Breaking the Connection

If you’re uncomfortable with the energy associated with the Ouija board, mentally break any connections or associations you have with it.

2. Choosing a Disposal Method

Select a disposal method that aligns with your beliefs, such as burying it, burning it, or leaving it at a crossroads.

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Dealing with Unwanted Experiences

1. Seek Support

If you’ve had unsettling experiences with the Ouija board, consider seeking emotional support from friends, family, or professionals.

2. Clearing Energy

Some individuals believe in the importance of clearing negative energy after disposing of a Ouija board. Explore techniques such as smudging or meditation.


Is it dangerous to use a Ouija board?

While many people have used Ouija boards without issue, they can lead to unsettling experiences for some individuals.

Can I simply throw a Ouija board away?

Disposing of a Ouija board in a respectful manner is recommended to avoid any potential negative energies.

How do I cleanse my space after disposing of a Ouija board?

You can use techniques like smudging with sage or visualization to cleanse the energy of the space.


Getting rid of a Ouija board requires careful consideration and respect for the energies associated with it. Whether you’re uncomfortable with your experiences or simply want to ensure its proper disposal, following the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide will help you navigate this process safely. Remember that your beliefs and intentions play a significant role in how you approach this situation. By choosing a respectful disposal method and taking steps to clear any lingering energy, you can move forward with a sense of closure and peace.

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