How to Get Squirrels Out of Your Garage


Discovering squirrels in your garage can be both frustrating and concerning. These agile critters can cause damage, create a mess, and even pose potential health risks. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of getting squirrels out of your garage using humane and effective methods. From prevention to removal, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding the Behavior of Squirrels: Why Do They Invade Garages?

Learn about the reasons behind squirrels’ attraction to garages:

  • Explore squirrels’ nesting and food-seeking behaviors.
  • Understand why garages provide shelter and easy access to food.

The Risks of Having Squirrels in Your Garage: Damage and Dangers

Discover the potential risks associated with squirrels in your garage:

  • Learn how squirrels can cause damage to insulation, wiring, and stored items.
  • Understand the health risks posed by squirrel droppings and potential diseases.

Assessing the Situation: Is Professional Help Needed?

Determine whether you can handle the situation on your own or need professional assistance:

  • Evaluate the extent of the squirrel infestation and potential entry points.
  • Consider your comfort level and expertise in dealing with wildlife.

DIY Solutions for Getting Squirrels Out of Your Garage

Explore effective do-it-yourself methods for squirrel removal:

  • Use bright lights and loud noises to encourage squirrels to leave.
  • Create barriers and traps to guide squirrels towards the exit.

Sealing and Securing Your Garage: Preventing Future Invasions

Take proactive measures to prevent future squirrel invasions:

  • Seal gaps, cracks, and openings that squirrels could use to access the garage.
  • Trim nearby tree branches that provide easy access points.

Natural Deterrents: Using Scents and Sounds to Repel Squirrels

Learn about natural deterrents that can discourage squirrels from entering your garage:

  • Use strong scents like peppermint oil to create an unfavorable environment.
  • Employ ultrasonic devices that emit sounds unpleasant to squirrels.

Live Trapping and Relocation: A Humane Approach

Discover how to humanely trap and relocate squirrels:

  • Choose and set up live traps in strategic locations.
  • Safely release trapped squirrels in a suitable outdoor area.

Hiring Professional Pest Control: When to Consider Expert Assistance

Understand when it’s advisable to seek professional help:

  • Learn about the expertise and resources professional pest control offers.
  • Find reputable pest control services in your area.

Dealing with Baby Squirrels: Special Considerations

Address the unique challenges of dealing with baby squirrels:

  • Explore options for reuniting baby squirrels with their mothers.
  • Know when to intervene and provide assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can squirrels carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans?

A: Yes, squirrels can carry diseases like leptospirosis, so it’s important to take precautions.

Q: Are there legal restrictions on trapping and relocating squirrels?

A: Regulations vary by location, so it’s essential to check local laws before trapping and relocating squirrels.

Q: How can I prevent squirrels from chewing on wires in my garage?

A: Use wire mesh or specialized rodent-proofing materials to cover exposed wires.

Q: What should I do if a trapped squirrel appears injured?

A: Contact a wildlife rehabilitator or animal control for guidance on providing care.

Q: How can I discourage squirrels from nesting in my garage in the future?

A: Regularly inspect and maintain your garage, ensuring all potential entry points are sealed.

Q: Is it safe to use poison to get rid of squirrels?

A: No, using poison is not recommended, as it can harm other animals and potentially endanger pets.


With the insights and strategies provided in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to handle squirrel invasions in your garage. Whether you choose a DIY approach or decide to seek professional help, remember that humane and safe methods are key to resolving the issue effectively. Bid farewell to unwanted garage guests and restore peace to your space.

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