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How to Use a Bubbler? Things to Keep In Mind As A Beginner

How to Use a Bubbler? Things to Keep In Mind As A Beginner

How to Use a Bubbler? Things to Keep In Mind As A Beginner

If you are looking to experiment with diverse modes of smoking cannabis, you have multiple options available today.

Right from bongs to glass pipes to bubblers, you have countless choices to choose from. If you wonder how to use bubbler, you need not worry much.

These modern smoking devices are easy to use and portable, giving you a heightened smoking experience. With a market size of 22 billion in the US for cannabis, the use of such innovative gadgets is sure to rise.

So, even if you are new to the cannabis world, a bubbler is an ideal equipment to start with. Here are a few guidelines you can follow to help you use a bubbler with zero hassle.

How to Use a Bubbler?

Yes, you heard that right! Bubbler pipes are effortless devices with a water filtration feature. This attribute is sure to enrich your smoking experience since it produces better-tasting smoke compared to a bong or dry pipe.

So, now to the important part, how to use bubbler? Here are a few steps to guide you if you are new to using this ingenious device.

  1. Add Water

To start with, add some water to the water chamber of the bubbler glass pipe. Make a quick drag to check the water level since you need only enough water to make bubbles.

  1. Cover the Bowl

Once you have filled the water chamber, add your cannabis strain and pack the bowl end of the pipe. While packing, keep it slightly open for better airflow while you smoke.

  1. Start Smoking

Few of the bubbler pipes also come with a percolator that helps filter and cool the smoke. Moreover, the bubblers with fixed bowls come with a carb and hole that helps clear the smoke.

Once everything is in place, hold the bubbler pipe near your mouth and start pulling in smoke as the herbs burn.

The smoke goes through the bowl and reaches the water in a bubbler. It creates bubbles that ease and filter the smoke.

Tips for Beginners

The bubble is similar to a dry pipe; it is straight-forward and convenient. It is neither bulky nor has additional fittings that will confuse you. However, it is essential to understand a few things so as not to face any bumps while smoking.

To begin with, while filling the water chamber, you must consider the size of the bubbler pipe. So, if the water chamber is big enough, you can add water accordingly. Even then, a bubbler usually does not require much water for filtration.

After adding the water, you can even check the water level to check if you have enough water for the bubbling process. Moreover, the water should not leak out of the chamber while taking a drag.

Even though a weed bubbler is portable and compact, it can be tricky to clean the pipes. Hence, you must do regular cleaning of the glasses for hygiene purposes. Moreover, since they are made of a single glass piece, you must be extra cautious.

Wrapping Up

Bubblers are a godsend smoking device ideal for all cannabis fanatics, promising clean and better smoke hits.

Though each smoking gadget is excellent in its own way, bubbler stands apart due to its simplistic quality and a guarantee for flavourful punch.

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How to Use a Bubbler

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