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MCCTC lists Is Technology a Good Career Path, conducts winter open house

MCCTC lists Is Technology a Good Career Path, conducts winter open house

Is Technology a Good Career Path
Is technology a good career path

MCCTC lists Is Technology a Good Career Path

MCCTC recently highlighted the most sought-after career paths in the region, emphasizing healthcare roles, firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics as the top in-demand positions. Recognizing the evolving nature of industries and the uncertainties students face when choosing career paths, MCCTC organized a winter open house to showcase their in-demand programs.

The institution’s primary objective is to provide training for high-demand skilled trade jobs. The open house aimed to attract prospective students interested in programs such as Welding, Automotive Technology, Medical Assistant, Medical Office Specialist, Firefighter I & II, and EMT.

Jodi Glass, Recruiter and Marketing Director at MCCTC, expressed the hope that high school seniors contemplating their post-graduation plans could benefit from the event, providing them with ample time to make informed decisions.

Highlighting the significance of healthcare careers, Glass noted that the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts rapid growth in these fields over the next seven years. As retirements create vacancies in trade jobs, the community relies on young individuals to fill these roles.

MCCTC collaborates with companies, offering further training to their employees in these programs to address the demand generated by local manufacturing. Brian Wall, Lead Welding Instructor at MCCTC, stressed the importance of these programs, not only for direct entry into trades but also as valuable additions to resumes for those pursuing degree-requiring careers like engineering.

Wall emphasized the comprehensive approach of MCCTC’s programs, providing both hard and soft skills. He noted that the institution prepares students not only for technical aspects but also for job interviews, ensuring a robust foundation for a successful future.

MCCTC plans to host additional open houses in the spring to attract graduating seniors and continue contributing to filling high-demand careers in the Mahoning Valley. Interested individuals can explore the programs offered by visiting their website.

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