The Best Nail Kit for DIY Pamper Sessions

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It’s self-care Sunday and you’re looking to pamper yourself by having a little at-home spa day. You take a warm candle-lit bath, slather on a good clay mask, and put on your favorite record to really round out that relaxing ambiance. You grab your favorite seltzer water (grapefruit, of course) and sit at the table ready to start doing your nails. This is how you like to wind down, and we don’t blame you. Why go to a real nail salon when you can have a better time staying inside?

Getting a mani at a salon can sometimes feel hectic, especially when there are long wait times and lots of ongoing appointments. Plus, it’s not the most friendly on your wallet. But with enough practice, you can achieve similar—if not better—results for longer, stronger, and more beautiful nails at home. That’s why we’re here to tell you about TrySprig.

What Is TrySprig?

Best Nail Kit

TrySprig is the best nail kit for your DIY pamper sessions! Behold, a kit that can really improve the quality of your manicure. Using a base coat, top coat, gel polish, and UV light can really compromise the health and look of your nails. That’s why TrySprig prioritizes your cuticles for healthy natural nails. It assists the entire process of setting up for a great manicure without causing any further damage. And it’s free from fragrances and parabens, vegan-friendly, and certified organic!

Nail Shaper

You can get the salon manicure experience from the comfort of your own home! The nail shaper from TrySprig is made of high-quality materials and has professional-grade 120/180 nail grit. You can start by soaking your nails in warm water and drying them clean. Then, cut each fingernail equally and start using the nail shaper. Just file it in one direction and avoid the edges to ensure that your nails don’t weaken or get brittle over time. After you rinse off your nails, you can apply a cuticle treatment or some nail polish whenever you’re ready!

Cuticle Oil

Best Nail Kit

We all know that nail techs at the salon may not be the most gentle with the cuticle pusher. Thankfully, the TrySprig kit includes a cuticle oil treatment. This can be used to prep and nourish the nail bed. The formula is rich in minerals, vegan-friendly, organic, and free from parabens! It conditions your cuticles and helps your nails grow back stronger and healthier with shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Simply massage the serum into your cuticles!

Nail Buffer

Recovering from acrylics and gel nail polish, or even dip powder, is no joke. Sometimes, these harsh formulas stain your nail beds, and acetone isn’t the best formula either. But the TrySprig kit has come up with a solution through its four-sided nail buffer block. If you’re giving yourself an at-home, DIY manicure, this product from the kit is a must. If you use gel formulas or get acrylic nails, using this tool will help you increase your nail growth, prevent stains, and repair damage from artificial nails. Make sure to use it with clean hands and apply light pressure on each nail.

Replacement Pads

The TrySprig nail kit comes with replacement pads for your buffer block. We know you want to achieve the same healthy shine long-term, so you get a free replacement with your kit. Because it has four sides with different functions, it’s a great option for the DIY manicurist.

If you really want the best-looking nails, do it like the pros and start with a good nail prep kit. Taking the steps to care for the health of your cuticles and nail beds really prepares your nails for a good base coat and gel polish. Nail your manicures with the TrySprig nail kit for the best pamper session at home!

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