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The Role of Indulgence in Mental Health

The Role of Indulgence in Mental Health

The modern world features a much greater awareness of mental health than has been present in previous centuries, as well as an understanding of what you should do to look after yourself in this regard.

However, there are some gray areas that can lead to confusion. One in particular is the role that indulgence can play a role in it. If indulging in certain things that are unhealthy for you in large doses makes you feel better, how does that clash with the potential health effects? Does looking after your mental health solely refer to activities and practices that are about improving your health?

Moderation is Key

As you might expect, moderation plays a very large part in the answer here. Reducing the amount of time that you’re enjoying something potentially unhealthy might help to curb the unhealthy components of that activity.

Gambling with online casinos like Stellar Spins is a good example of this. These games are more accessible than ever and closely in line with video games in how many modern audiences enjoy them. However, in order to get the most out of them and continue to allow gambling to be an interest that isn’t interfering in your health or finances too extensively, understanding how to play in moderation and take regular breaks is key.

Learning to Enjoy Healthiness Itself

When you begin this process, the suggestions of things that you can do to better look after yourself, such as eating healthily and exercising more, might feel like chores. The idea of learning to love these things is certainly possible, but it might not be something that you’re readily susceptible to. Instead, it might be more feasible to learn to love the effect that they have on your day-to-day life.

Once you get into a healthy routine of eating well and exercising, you might find that your mental (and physical) health improves as a result, and this is something that could make you happier and more energized each day. This might be all it takes to motivate you to keep including these activities in your schedule going forward.

Understanding the Role Indulgent Things Have

Why do you enjoy the things that you do? Sometimes it’s easy to answer that. You like certain foods because they taste nice, you like playing video games because they’re fun, etc. However, when it comes to experiences that are more multi-faceted, the answer isn’t immediately apparent.

Take going to a bar and having some drinks with friends, for example. Do you most enjoy the drinks or the time spent with friends? It’s true that these separate components combine to make a distinct experience, one that would be different if you removed either one of them, but this is something worth considering. You might initially be unwilling to remove the alcohol from the process, but if you do and just focus on ways you could spend time with your friends in other contexts, you might continue to enjoy the social benefits of the experience in a varied new context.

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