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Ten tips to follow when facing severe water damage at your facility

Ten tips to follow when facing severe water damage at your facility

Important tips to follow when facing severe water damage at your facility

If you find yourself in a situation where water damage has occurred at your premises, then it can be tough to know what to do. The first thing you want to do is engage a water damage restoration service with experience in dealing with water damage. Followed by this, here are eight tips for handling the situation and keeping your facility running smoothly.

Turn off the water supply

If you are not aware of most of the cause of the damage or don’t know how to put them off, it’s best to call a plumber for help. When you call a plumber, make sure they are working in a safe environment. If you are unsure about this fact, it’s best to take precautions! As soon as you get water damage restoration service on the call, they will tell you to switch off all the water valves in the first place.

Turn off all electricity, gas, and heating sources in contact with the water

This is another important thing that has to be done immediately. Water is one thing that can trigger electricity current and harm a lot of things, including you and your family. So, it’s best to turn it off before help comes to you. If you have access to all the areas, consider shutting all the appliances, including your gas stove, to avoid further problems.

Put up signs around your building to alert people about what’s happening inside

It has been a long day already, and we are sure you don’t want any more trouble coming your way. It’s best to put out adequate signs and inform people about what is going on inside. You don’t want to deal with last-minute guests and deliveries to disturb the process. On top of this, you want to take care no one enters the affected area and harms themselves!

Take photos of the damaged area

Recording all the damage caused is an essential step until you get water damage restoration service at your place. We are sure they won’t believe the damage that has been caused until you show them some proof! All the photos and videos will give them an idea of how it was and how it occurred. These photos can be beneficial if you have insurance to claim.

Do not attempt to clean up or remove any damaged items by yourself, as this could cause further damage

Okay, you must be aware of the water damages and what can go wrong if you try to play with it. Still, many people want to clean it up and try to analyze the situation independently out of curiosity. It’s best to leave such things to the professionals and trust us, it can be dangerous. You don’t know what the wet wall is holding behind it!

Keep all people away from the area until it is deemed safe

Water damage can be a serious issue, especially when you start looking at the debris and molds inside. This situation can get even worse when the walls start releasing hazardous gas in your house. It’s best to keep all your family members out of the way and ensure they are safe. You can shift them to a relative’s house till everything settles down or send them to have some fun if it’s going to take less time.

Gather all essential documents such as deeds, leases, contracts, and so on

As soon as you are done dealing with the emergency and settle down your house, you need to make sure that you gather all the documents that are scattered around. These documents can be your house lease, car insurance, health insurance, property papers, educational documents, and whatnot. If they are exposed to the damage for long, you might get in serious trouble.

Prevent mold growth by using dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier is a device that reduces the humidity or water content in an environment. In humid environments with high heat and little ventilation like your kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc., they can effectively reduce mold growth by removing excess moisture from the air before it has time to settle on surfaces where you store foodstuffs. So, if you have one, then it’s time to take it out and use it for good!

Always remember to call a restoration company as soon as you see water damage in your house. You don’t want to involve yourself in a DIY session because it can get hazardous!

If you want to avoid the cost of replacing your facility and equipment, you must take decisive action as soon as possible. The sooner water damage is addressed, the less likely it will be a costly ordeal for your business. With these eight tips in mind, we hope you’ll feel confident in handling any water-related emergency so that no matter what happens – whether there are floods or not – you can save your property from severe financial loss!


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