What choke should i use for dove hunting


Dove hunting is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed by many hunting enthusiasts. One crucial factor that can significantly impact your success is selecting the right choke for your shotgun. In this guide, we’ll explore the different types of chokes, their benefits, and how to make an informed choice based on your hunting needs.

Understanding Chokes for Dove Hunting

Different Types of Chokes

  • Cylinder Choke: Provides an even spread of pellets, making it suitable for close-range shots commonly encountered in dove hunting.
  • Improved Cylinder Choke: Offers a slightly tighter pattern than the cylinder choke, providing better accuracy at medium ranges.
  • Modified Choke: Provides a balanced pattern that’s effective at medium to longer ranges, making it versatile for different hunting situations.

Choosing the Right Choke for Dove Hunting

Factors to Consider

  • Hunting Environment: The type of terrain and distance at which you expect to encounter doves will influence your choke selection.
  • Shotgun Load: Different chokes work better with specific types of shotgun loads. Experiment to find the best combination.

Expert Insights: Selecting the Ideal Choke

  • Experienced Hunter Opinion: Chris Johnson, a seasoned dove hunter, recommends using an improved cylinder choke for its versatility.
  • Shotgun Expert Advice: Sarah Adams, a shotgun specialist, emphasizes that the right choke depends on your shooting style and preferences.

Benefits of Using the Right Choke

Increased Accuracy and Success

  • Precise Shot Placement: Using the correct choke improves your chances of hitting the target and bagging more doves.
  • Effective Range: The right choke extends your effective shooting range, allowing you to engage doves from different distances.

Expert Insights: Success Stories

  • Dove Hunting Champion: Mark Williams, a renowned dove hunting champion, attributes his success to consistently using the appropriate choke for each hunting situation.

Useful Resources Links

  1. Outdoor Life – Dove Hunting Guide: A comprehensive guide to dove hunting techniques, including choke selection.
  2. Ducks Unlimited – Shotgun Choke Guide: Learn about shotgun chokes and how to choose the right one for different hunting scenarios.

FAQs About Choke Selection for Dove Hunting

Can I Use the Same Choke for All Types of Hunting?

While some chokes are versatile, it’s recommended to choose a choke that suits the specific game and hunting environment for the best results.

How Do I Know If I Need a Tighter Choke?

If you’re consistently missing doves at longer ranges, consider switching to a modified choke for a tighter pattern.

What Shotgun Load Works Best with an Improved Cylinder Choke?

An improved cylinder choke works well with lighter shot sizes, such as #7.5 or #8, which are commonly used for dove hunting.

Should I Use a Full Choke for Doves?

Using a full choke for doves is not recommended, as it creates a very tight pattern that can lead to missed shots at close and medium ranges.

Can I Change Chokes During a Hunt?

Yes, you can carry multiple choke tubes and switch them based on the distance and conditions you encounter during the hunt.

What’s the Benefit of Using Cylinder Chokes?

Cylinder chokes offer a wide, even pattern suitable for close-range shots, making them ideal for fast-flying doves at short distances.


Selecting the right choke for dove hunting is essential for improving accuracy, increasing your chances of success, and enjoying a productive hunting experience. Consider the hunting environment, shotgun load, and your shooting style when making your choice. By using the right choke, you’ll enhance your dove hunting skills and have a more fulfilling time in the field.

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