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What to do with noom coins?

What to do with noom coins?


Noom has revolutionized the way people approach their health and wellness goals. One of the unique features of the Noom app is its rewards system, which awards users with Noom coins for their achievements. But what exactly can you do with these Noom coins? In this article, we’ll guide you through a variety of exciting ways to make the most of your Noom coins, enhancing your motivation and contributing to your overall well-being.

Understanding Noom Coins

Gain insight into how Noom coins are earned and their significance within the Noom app. Learn about the motivation behind this rewards system.

Redeeming Rewards for Success

Celebrate your milestones by exchanging Noom coins for tangible rewards. From fitness gear to healthy snacks, choose rewards that align with your goals.

Unlocking Premium Features

Use your Noom coins to access premium features that provide additional insights, personalized plans, and expert guidance for an enhanced wellness experience.

Donating to Charity

Give back to the community by donating your Noom coins to partner charities. Contribute to causes that resonate with your values while progressing on your wellness journey.

Investing in Personal Growth

Utilize your Noom coins to access resources that promote personal growth, such as mindfulness courses, self-care tools, and stress-relief programs.

Joining Challenges and Competitions

Participate in challenges and competitions within the Noom community. Use your Noom coins to enter, compete, and earn even more rewards.

Getting Personalized Coaching

Enhance your experience by using your Noom coins to access personalized coaching sessions. Receive one-on-one guidance tailored to your specific goals.

Gift Cards and Discounts

Exchange your Noom coins for gift cards and exclusive discounts on wellness-related products and services, helping you stay motivated and save money.


Can I use Noom coins to purchase Noom subscriptions?

Yes, Noom coins can be used to unlock premium features and enhance your Noom experience.

Are there limits to how many coins I can earn?

Noom rewards consistent progress, so the more you engage, the more coins you can earn.

What kind of rewards are available for redemption?

You can redeem Noom coins for a variety of rewards, including fitness gear, recipe books, and even spa treatments.

Can I share my Noom coins with friends or family?

Noom coins are non-transferable, but you can encourage friends and family to join Noom and earn their own coins.

Are rewards available for all Noom users?

Yes, as long as you’re actively engaged in your wellness journey, you can earn and redeem Noom coins.

Can I use Noom coins for in-app purchases?

No, Noom coins are specifically designed for rewards and enhancing your wellness journey, not for in-app purchases.


Noom coins offer a unique way to motivate and reward users for their commitment to their health and wellness goals. By exploring the various ways to use your Noom coins, you can enhance your experience, make progress, and enjoy the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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