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Bible: What To Do When Someone Won’t Forgive You

Bible: What To Do When Someone Won’t Forgive You


Struggling with forgiveness? This comprehensive article explores biblical wisdom on what to do when someone won’t forgive you. Discover practical advice and insights to navigate the path of forgiveness and reconciliation based on biblical teachings.

Forgiveness is a powerful and transformative act, both in the spiritual and personal realms. However, not everyone may readily extend forgiveness when we seek it. Whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague, or anyone else, encountering a refusal to forgive can be emotionally challenging. In this article, we’ll explore biblical teachings and principles on how to handle situations when someone won’t forgive you. Drawing from the wisdom of the Bible, we’ll provide practical advice and insights to foster healing and reconciliation.

Understanding Forgiveness in the Bible

Before we delve into the steps to take when someone won’t forgive, it’s essential to understand forgiveness from a biblical perspective:

1. Definition of Forgiveness

In the Bible, forgiveness is the act of pardoning someone for their offenses, extending grace, and choosing not to hold their wrongs against them.

2. God’s Model of Forgiveness

God’s forgiveness is the ultimate example for humanity. He forgives our sins through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, demonstrating boundless love and mercy.

Biblical Steps to Take When Someone Won’t Forgive

When facing resistance to forgiveness, the Bible offers valuable guidance on how to respond with grace and humility:

1. Examine Your Heart

H2: Seek Self-Reflection

Take time to examine your heart and motives:

Possible Response: “Am I truly remorseful for my actions? Have I asked for forgiveness sincerely and humbly?”

2. Pursue Reconciliation

H2: Show Persistence

Continually pursue reconciliation:

Possible Response: “I will persistently and respectfully seek opportunities to mend the relationship and express my regret.”

3. Practice Patience

H2: Embrace Patience

Understand that forgiveness may take time:

Possible Response: “I will be patient and give the person space to process their emotions and thoughts.”

4. Pray for the Person

H2: Offer Prayers

Pray for the person’s heart to soften:

Possible Response: “I will pray for their well-being, peace, and understanding.”

5. Embrace Humility

H2: Demonstrate Humility

Approach the person with humility:

Possible Response: “I will acknowledge my mistakes and show genuine contrition.”

6. Extend Grace

H2: Show Grace

Demonstrate grace, even if forgiveness is withheld:

Possible Response: “I will treat them with kindness and understanding, regardless of their response.”

7. Trust God’s Timing

H2: Surrender to God’s Timing

Place your trust in God’s plan and timing:

Possible Response: “I will trust that God’s timing is perfect and that He will work all things for good.”

8. Forgive Yourself

H2: Accept God’s Forgiveness

Accept God’s forgiveness and forgive yourself:

Possible Response: “I will release myself from guilt and embrace God’s love and forgiveness for me.”


Q: Is forgiveness mandatory in the Bible?

A: While forgiveness is encouraged, the Bible recognizes that it may not always be possible or immediately attainable.

Q: What if the person refuses to reconcile?

A: Respect their decision, but continue to demonstrate kindness and love, leaving the door open for future reconciliation.

Q: Can forgiveness be one-sided?

A: Yes, forgiveness is possible even if the other person is not ready or willing to forgive.

Q: How many times should I forgive someone?

A: The Bible encourages us to forgive endlessly, just as God forgives us without limits.

Q: What if the person has wronged me repeatedly?

A: Forgiveness does not mean condoning harmful behavior. Boundaries may be necessary in such cases.

Q: Will forgiving someone erase the pain?

A: Forgiveness is a process, and while it may not erase the pain entirely, it can bring healing and emotional freedom.


Navigating the journey of forgiveness when someone won’t forgive you can be challenging. Drawing wisdom from the Bible, we learn the importance of self-reflection, patience, humility, and extending grace in these situations. Remember that forgiveness is a two-way process and that the person may need time to heal and reconcile. Trust in God’s plan and timing, and focus on your own growth and healing. By applying biblical principles, you can find peace and strength as you continue to extend forgiveness and pursue reconciliation.

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