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Love Special Greetings Christmas Cards for the Whole Family

Love Special Greetings Christmas Cards for the Whole Family

Heartfelt greetings for Christmas Cards for the Whole Family

Greetings Christmas Cards: If you’re like me, after Thanksgiving I happily look forward to the many Christmas cards I receive from my family and friends across the country. It’s always so nice to hear the latest news, see how the kids have grown, and watch your friend get a year older.

Of course there are some cards that miss the mark and I wonder why they took the time to create and ship this card. You wonder! So in the spirit of love, kindness and fun, here are five tips to make your family’s Christmas a memorable one.

Get New Greetings Christmas Cards

1) Add more than one image. Yes, it is a tradition of many families to get a studio portrait and do the stuffy, we all look the same dressed. That’s fine, if it’s one of your family traditions. But also include casual photos of Billy taking a belly dip in the pool or the dog Daisy licking the baby’s ice cream. Brighten it up. You could even tell the annual story with a collage of photos.

2) It is NOT a time to brag – it is a very good time to celebrate the seasons of beautiful life. Don’t think you should try to outdo the rest. While it would be great to brag that your child was hired at Harvard you won the Nobel Peace Prize and there were 50 wedding attendants at your daughter’s wedding in Tuscany, wait … your best friends already know your greatest performance. Your friends will love watching you hug less than perfect family, share a family dinner, or casual scenes behind the wedding. For those who couldn’t be at events, show them the real photos, the real you. Then add a link to your Facebook page to see all the beautiful perfectly posed photos.

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Greetings Christmas Cards

3) Keep the map focused on the season. Now is not the time to add an ad about your business. Nothing kills people more than getting a Christmas card that ends in … if you know someone who needs to buy or sell a house, give me a call. Jak. That takes the Christmas spirit completely out of care and most likely your care will be sent to file 13 (the trash can).

4) Add a personal note to the recipient. Let them good to know how special they are to you and the family. A heartfelt card not only tells your story but also makes the recipient feel like an important part of your extended family.

5) Prepare the greeting cards or flash cards with a blessing and love in your heart. As you make the special card by adding heartfelt words and images, before hitting the SEND button and the beautiful card will be printed, filled, stamped and sent, pause and send a mental blessing to all who will pass through the card be touched. The power of love has no limits.

Karen Miller takes a moment every day to send a heartfelt card. She creates high-quality cards on the computer and uses a system as soon as the send button is pressed, the cards are printed, filled, stamped and shipped via the postal service. Nothing compares to the pleasure of receiving a high quality personalized greeting card that will be proudly displayed on your desk at work or in the family scrapbook. Be my guest, send a free greeting card.

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