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The Best Way to Ship To and From China

The Best Way to Ship To and From China

The Best Way to Ship To and From China

With so many shipping options to and from China, you should choose the best one for you because it will be used for all of your shipments to and from China.

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It is not an exaggeration to say that there are several options and considerations when shipping to and from China. While these items may pique your attention, if you intend to send goods to and from China regularly, you should consider the most cost-effective shipping method to and from China. There are several shipping choices to and from China, and you should choose the most advantageous one. 

The following are some techniques for shipping to and from China: Transportation is divided into five modes: air, sea, and land; Post, a combination of air and sea shipping.

Shipping Options To and From China

Sending a package to China is a thrilling experience. It is because you will be able to mail anything to a friend who lives in another country. It would be beneficial if you were educated on how and where your goods will be shipped to China in order to achieve your goal of delivering items to China. You have several options, including the following:

1st Option: By Sea

The most expensive kind of transportation is ocean shipping. This way of transferring commodities to and from China, on the other hand, is reasonably practical. To convey products and business to China, sea transportation is used. 

It is because the ocean shipping route is rather long. As a result, travel to China will be time-consuming and expensive. Use caution while selecting a shipping company with a good reputation in the industry.

Things to Consider in Choosing Sea Shipping:

  • Sea shipping is slower, but also reliable.
  • It is costly but very safe.
  • Insurance is included in the shipping cost.
Pros Cons
  • You can ship large volumes at a time.
  • You can choose to ship fully-loaded containers or partially-loaded containers.
  • The shipping cost is usually included in the freight cost.
  • You can track the progress of your shipping to and from China.
  • You can use shipping to and from company networks to efficiently manage your shipping to and from China.
  • It is a safe way of shipping.
  • The delivery time is not guaranteed
  • You cannot track the shipping cost.

2nd Option: By Air

Cargo flights to and from China are becoming more frequent. The plane is dispatched as soon as possible, and planes account for most air travel between the United States and mainland China. You should select a shipping company with a proven track record of achievement in the industry. It ensures that your things arrive in perfect condition and that the aircraft does not suffer any damage.

Things to Consider in Choosing Air Shipping:

  • You should select a shipping company that has a good reputation like ZGGShip that could assist your air shipping to and from China.
  • It is necessary to identify a shipping company that has all the necessary documentation to ensure the success of your business.
  • The best time to ship your goods via airmail is during the summer months. However, you should ship your goods via airmail even when it is winter. This is because it is cheaper.
  • Carefully select the shipping company that is accredited by the Chinese government.
Pros Cons
  • Air shipping is faster and more convenient
  • You can ship small parcels and less expensive goods.
  • It is more expensive than sea and land shipping.
  • You cannot use air shipping to ship heavy goods.
  • It is sensitive to many factors, such as weather.

3rd Option: By Land

Shipping goods by land refers to transportation by road and rail. It may also mean sending your goods via truck. This method is usually used to send lightweight items. It is, therefore, an ideal choice for sending relatively small goods. Another advantage of using this method is relatively cheap and relatively fast. If your goods are small and lightweight, you could choose to use this method.

Things to Consider in Choosing Land Shipping:

  • It is important that you select a shipping company that has a good reputation like ZGGShip.
  • The best time to ship your goods via land mail is during the summer months.
  • Shipping can be expensive.
  • You can choose to ship your goods via truck or rail.
  • If you are shipping light items, you can consider using this method.
Pros Cons
  • It is the cheapest form of shipping.
  • It is fast and convenient for small packages.
  • Luggage can be shipped via land.
  • The shipping companies have special freight rates for sending goods from China.
  • It is not safe.
  • You cannot send large volumes of goods.
  • The recipient may have to clear any export tax.

4th Option: By Post

If you have a tiny package, you can send and receive it by mail services to and from China. In addition, the process is expedited. But this strategy fails for large packages. Postage is cheap, and delivery is fast. But this strategy fails for large packages.

Things to Consider in Choosing Post Shipping:

  • If you have a small package, you could choose to use postal services to send your goods to and from China.
  • You must be aware of the kind of documentation required to ship your items.
  • You must also know the weight limit that is allowed in your country.
  • The package cannot exceed 20 kg. 
Pros Cons
  • Cost-Effective
  • Postage cost is relatively cheap and quick.
  • The package cannot exceed 20 kg.
  • Unlike the other shipping methods, this shipping method is not recommended for big businesses.
  • Failed to deliver big items.
  • Unreliable.

5th Option: Combination of Sea and Air

Combining sea and air transportation is the most efficient way to transport your goods to and from China. It is because it strikes a nice balance between speed and cost. While large products are transported by sea, light goods are transported by air. Commodities are moved between ports via sea and air. If you wish to strike a decent balance between speed and expense, this method should be employed.

Things to Consider in Combination Shipping:

  • You should consider the cost of renting a warehouse in China and related costs when shipping via this method.
  • The cost may differ from one shipping company to another. According to ZGGShip, the price is $1,400 per month.
  • You should also consider the related costs of packaging, equipment, and labor.
  • Costs of additional services like insurance, customs clearance as well as shipments from China to the client are also included.
  • The amount of time you choose to delay in picking up the goods is also a factor to consider.

Shipping Cost

By Sea By Air By Land By Post By Combination of Air and Sea
US to China and China to the US $1,500- $1,700 per 40ft container $2.14 per pound US$500 to US$1,800 5 $ – 50$ Ait- $4,000 per 20GP

Sea-$3,000 Per 20GP

Europe to China and China to Europe $7,500 to $9,000 per container 12,000 Euros. Per 3.2 Ton container $1.51 per lb 3.7 EUR 8.0 EUR Sea – $180/20ft

Air- $300/20ft

From the Middle East to China and China to the Middle East $1,000 to $3,000 per container 40’HQ container is about $15,000 1250 USD $90 per 20kg Sea – USD5,000

Air – USD6,500.

Trustworthy Companies in Shipping From and to China


The excellent reputation of ZGGShip makes it a feasible option. This company is fully accredited. It offers many shipping services.

Shipping to and from China, shipping to and from the United States, seaborne shipping, and air shipping are all possible. The firm offers superior air freight services and enjoys a positive relationship with the government.

According to ZGGShip, the cost is decided on the route and weight. Dimensions and weight affect cost. Ships cheaply to and from China. The firm offers cheap delivery.

Additionally, a shipping company such as ZGGShip may supply shipping rate quotes. Customers can make inquiries about shipping charges from and to China via the live chat feature.

ShipO Fulfillment

This business provides the most affordable shipping to and from China. The organization’s shipping services are among the industry’s fastest. This company offers the most competitive rates for shipping to and from China. ShipO offers the most economical shipping prices in the industry. Additionally, the organization offers the most competitive delivery costs. ShipO is a well-known shipping company.

  • The company is dependable and effective.
  • ShipO specializes in expedited shipping. The shipping costs are quite low.
  • The business determines the shipping rates.
  • The shipping prices are determined by the company’s international network.
  • The company has the most affordable shipping rates.
  • Using the live chat feature, customers can obtain a live shipping rate from China.

Final Thoughts

Shipping small quantities of goods from China to the United States and other nations is an inexpensive choice for business owners. While the majority of shipping firms arrive on schedule, it is best to select a reputed carrier. I hope this information assists you in determining the most cost-effective manner of shipping from and to China.

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